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Weeden’s Arm Lacking?



Doug Farrar of the excellent NFL blog Shutdown Corner took to the Twitters on Tuesday night to express his feeling on Brandon Weeden’s future in the NFL. He made some pretty interesting comments about his arm and his reads, let’s take a look:

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If Weeden isn’t “NFL-ready” then who from this draft is? I’m not trying to be sarcastic here, that’s a serious question. I watched him and Andrew Luck go at it for four hours a couple months ago and if Andrew Luck is ready, and I’m under the assumption that the whole world believes he is, then I’m not sure I understand how Weeden isn’t

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I understand a lot of the criticism about Weeden (age, bad throws when rattled in the pocket, etc.) but this is one I’ll just never understand.

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Isn’t this how all quarterbacks are?

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Okay so it is close, because Griffin is good, but why is the “Weeden is better than RGIII” narrative so dismissed by NFL writers? Yes, Griffin’s ceiling is certainly higher, but if you’re going on past performance and head-to-head competition, not to mention skills that project well in the league, why is Weeden left out of the discussion?

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A fair take, I just don’t agree with the premise.

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I think even Weeden would tell you his 2nd/3rd read percentages need some work but whose don’t in the leap from college to the NFL? Again, the “doesn’t have the arm to throw it in a tight window” argument is embarrassing…for everyone.

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