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Wes Lunt Interview




When I came calling for a few words the freshman quarterback (and his lengthy media-savvy entourage) made an exception to the “first year guys don’t talk to the media” rule. What followed was an epic email exchange[1. Parts of which may or may not have been fabricated].

Pistols Guy: Wes, Glad you could join us before getting started with the season. Thanks for being here.

Wes Lunt: You’re welcome, I don’t know about this whole “I can’t talk to the media” thing. I just know Coach Monken told me “you can talk to that ——————— Pistols ——————— Firing ——————— guy, he’s ——————— all ——————— right. ————!

PG: Wouldn’t expect anything less from him. How’s he been by the way, how is your relationship with him?

WL: He’s pretty cool, knows a lot about football, he does make us call him ——————— Monken though. I don’t even know what his first name is.

PG: Again, no surprises. I heard Gundy say you guys didn’t talk all summer, everything OK there?

WL: Yeah, it’s cool, we texted a little. Clint told me he was busy teaching some dance classes at the Colvin so I dunno. He’s back though, we’re rolling through fall camp.

PG: You mentioned Clint, do you get along with the other quarterbacks?

WL: Sure, Daxx is, I mean Daxx is whatever. I don’t even know if he’s on the team or not. Clint is cool, his scooter is popular with the girls. Me and J.W. are tight though, but I kind of feel bad.

PG: About what?

WL: Well I’m dating his ex-girlfriend, I also bought his car on Craigslist (got a great deal), Monken made him give me his fall meal card, I’m sleeping in his old bed (he sleeps on the floor), I found his iPod in the locker room (need to give that back), his parents actually gave me his bank account numb…..

PG: OK, I get it. He’s not thrilled about you showing up in Stillwater. How is your rapport with the receivers?

WL: Well here’s the thing about that, ——————— Monken told me that this Blackmon guy (I believe you’ve heard of him?) was a junior last year, he didn’t tell me anything about a draft or that Blackmon was going to enter it. So naturally I thought I’d be throwing to him just like Brandon did. Imagine my surprise to see two Moores and a Glidden on the depth chart. It sounds like a terrible science fiction novel from the 18th century. It’s all very bad.

PG: Hah, well at least you have Josh Stewart.

WL: Oh yeah I took him from J.W. also.

PG: How did you beef up to 220 lbs. since the spring game?

WL: Coach Glass has me on something he calls the anti-Janavor diet. I’m not sure why it’s called that but I know I can’t stop gaining weight. I’m like, what’s his name, Lorenzen from Kentucky. Thankfully I don’t look like this yet.

PG: Thankfully. So who in sports (or anything) do you look up to?

WL: Well when I was a kid I really liked Matt Leinart and Troy Smith.

PG: When you were….good gosh!

WL: Yeah, and in general I really look up to people like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber. You know, people my age or older who have been successful in their respective professions. I hope to join their professional success someday.

PG: You’re kind of next in an interesting evolution of OSU QBs starting with Tony Lindsay in the mid to late 90s, dipping down in the early 2000s and then mostly rising to its crest last season with Weeden. How excited are you about that?

WL: Well I don’t remember Lindsay because I was three when he was playing here….

PG: [faints]

WL: …but it’s an honor to take the torch from guys like Zac and Weeden. I think Weeden had to actually FedEx the torch because he doesn’t have an email address. You know, old people.

PG: Yeah…how well do you think you’ve fit in so far to the athletic culture in Stillwater?

WL: It’s been pretty easy to tell you the truth, it seems to me like “not getting arrested for a felony” was the goal around here this summer and I made it through pretty easily on that so I guess we’re good.

PG: Yeah, no kidding. Speaking of felonies, have you ever spoken with Dana Holgorsen.

WL: I have. He actually emailed me after I won the job in the spring[2. His email is [email protected] if you were wondering] which I thought was nice. It was incomprehensible and it looked like he was typing from a phone while playing cards[3. “Texas holg ’em”] but still, nice guy. Possibly crazy, but nice.

PG: Thanks for coming on the blog, Wes. I hope Monken is OK with how the interview turned out and I wish you the best this fall.

WL: Yeah, ———————Monken. Thanks again for having me.

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