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Wes Lunt Sets Record



Wes Lunt couldn’t match the Illinois state regular season high school record he set earlier this year with 590 yards in a single game, but there were plenty of records to be had on Friday night in the Illinois 4A state title game.

Lunt threw for an all-classes state final record 506 yards and 3 TD while his ace receiver, Zach Grant dropped an all-classes record 259 receiving yards to propel Rochester to a 42-39 victory. (Here are the full video highlights)

Lunt said on the win,

It was definitely nerve-racking, but so exciting. I hate it that someone had to lose.

Not exactly rip-your-heart-out intense, but I’ll take an appropriate humility from my high school senior star QB any day of the week.

His coach wasn’t spared from the hyperbole however…

He’s a once-in a lifetime kid. He might be the best QB in the country. If any of you see one better, let me know.

Certainly not on the other side of the ball as Rochester’s opponent, Richmond-Burton, threw for exactly 0 yards in the matchup. They did outrush Rochester 514-48 however in what sounds like would happen if Navy and Houston met in a bowl game.

Richmond-Burton’s coach was impressed as well,

They moved the ball. There’s a reason that boy’s going to Oklahoma State.

Yes, there is.

(via Chicago Tribune)

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