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What Luck Does Better Than Weeden



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On Saturday night while the Trees were invading Troy I innocuously threw this question out there: “What does Andrew Luck do better than Brandon Weeden?” The responses I got were pretty classic, here’s a sampling of some of my favorites.

Many people: “Grow facial hair.”

Austin Keeney: “Grow lamb chops.” – Kind of the next level rendition of “grow facial hair.”

hefley001: “Play in an easier conference?”

Bsteph71: “Marketing???”

Arin5000: “SAT scores?”

KevinDeShazo: “Beat teams without winning records.”

HTDLtd: “From what I’ve heard, Luck is more fertile.” – Ummmm…

GreenMeadowJoe: “He’s got an AD for a dad.”

LayneHorton and ctw78: “Take snaps under center.” – This was definitely my favorite, made me laugh out loud.

osupo: “He chose a famous daddy.”

rossmslough: “Be young.” – Short and simple.

bryanmj: “Catch a ball one handed, grow a vicious neck beard and probably win a heisman?” – “Vicious neck beard” is not a phrase I want in my life.

mattc77: “Not be 28.”

And KurtisWH with a late-entry dagger: “Coeds?”

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