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What Mason Rudolph Learned from Eli and Peyton Manning



The end might be near for Peyton Manning, but at least Mason Rudolph can say he learned from one of the best still (sort of) in his prime.

Rudolph talked about his summer of fun with Robert Allen recently and told him what he picked up from Peyton, Eli and Cooooopah.

“It was great, real fun, and we got to learn from the best in the business and had a lot of chalk talks with the Mannings and got to learn a lot and overall, a great experience,” Rudolph told Go Pokes.

“It’s cool when you are out there in person, throwing the football, and speaking the language and getting comfortable with them, and they are human just like you,” said¬†Rudolph.

Good stuff from somebody who seems intent on learning from those who have come before him. As long as nobody taught him this.

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