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What Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe Would do to OSU’s Class of 2020

Top 10, here they come.



We’re having a spirited discussion in the Chamber about what the 2020-21 OSU basketball roster is going to look like, but a thing to note in all of this is that OSU’s incoming class — which, you know, includes the overall No. 1 player — isn’t yet complete.

OSU has up to three more scholarships to hand out (presuming nobody transfers), and I would think at least one of those will go to an incoming freshman (and maybe all three).

On Thursday, 247 recruiting analyst Evan Daniels predicted that Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe would end up at Oklahoma State. This is significant because Moncrieffe just named OSU in his final three and because Daniels doesn’t miss. He’s like the Mark Price of recruiting predictions. For the class of 2020, his only whiff is … Cade Cunningham, who he predicted would end up at Kentucky.

Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 4.27.16 PM.png

Anyway, I jumped into the OSU class calculator to see what a commitment from Moncrieffe would do to OSU’s 2020 class. Turns out, it would jump it from No. 17 overall and No. 4 in the Big 12 to No. 9 overall and No. 1 in the Big 12. Right behind Gonzaga, right ahead of LSU.

That’s a big deal. OSU’s class rating if Moncrieffe commits would be 62.85. They won’t end at No. 9 because there’s still a ways to go, but for the sake of reference, this would have ranked No. 16 in 2019.

Top 10.png

If we want to continue playing the game, let’s see how high this class could climb. If they get Donovan Williams and J.T. Thor — two possibilities — to go with Moncrieffe, they’ll likely end the cycle with a top-10 class. Obviously, that means nothing when it comes to on-court play, but for a team that has lacked talent in the past few years, it would be a nice influx of studs from which to move into the future.

Moncrieffe commits on Friday.


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