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What seed will OSU get on Selection Sunday?



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

It’s selection Sunday week!

I know we still have a wacky (because it’s sure to be wacky) Big 12 tournament to play but I wanted to do a quick roundup of where all the bracketologists have OSU seeded pre-conference tournaments.

Let’s take a look at three of the better prognosticators…


#4 in San Jose playing Valpariso. Indiana is the #1 seed.


#6 in Salt Lake playing Boise State. Gonzaga is the #1 seed.


#4 playing Stephen F. Austin.

Sports Illustrated

#4 in Philadelphia playing Louisiana Tech. Duke is the #1 seed.

That six from Jerry Palm of CBS seems a bit low for a 23-7 team that finished behind the two Kansas schools for the Big 12 title[1. Confession: I was up late last night doing some work and I had a moment after midnight when I realized OSU would have won the Big 12 (and gotten the one-seed in the Big 12 Tournament) if they’d closed that KU game at home and I just went to bed. Whatever I was working on, I just shut it off and went to sleep because I didn’t want to think about that fact anymore.]. I think the worst OSU could get right now (barring a first round loss in the Big 12 tourney) is a #5.

Here are the scenarios I see playing out (h/t to @mattquade12 for helping me with this)

Lose to Baylor – #6 seed
Beat Baylor, lose next game to KSU – #5 seed
Beat Baylor, beat KSU, lose in title game – #4 seed
Win Big 12 tourney – #3 seed

I want that #3 seed considering the following:

#3 seed upsets: 14
#4 seed upsets: 24
#5 seed upsets: 38
#6 seed upsets: 38

Have I mentioned how much Baylor scares me on Thursday?

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