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What We Learned About OSU’s Offensive Line This Spring

Charlie Dickey seems to be a hit in STW.



Since the Liberty Bowl, a lot has changed with the Cowboys’ offensive line.

To start, the group experienced a coaching change that saw Charlie Dickey step in. The group also lost some key pieces to graduation and a transfer, but as a whole, Oklahoma State’s O-line looks as if it’s continuing its forward momentum from the past few seasons. Here are some things we learned about the group this spring.

Dickey Boasts Great Early Reviews

Josh Henson leaving Stillwater came as a shock in February, but it looks as if OSU coach Mike Gundy was able to land as close to a perfect replacement as possible in Charlie Dickey.

Dickey spent 10 years at Kansas State where he coached three All-Americans and 11 First Team All-Big 12ers. That experience is a great addition to any staff, but it’s especially valuable to a staff with an offensive coordinator in his first Big 12 and FBS season.

“He’s incredible,” Sean Gleeson said a few weeks ago. “He’s very knowledgeable in the run game, but for me, for a guy who’s been in the league as long as he has, it’s a great source of information. A great resource for me, especially as we get into the summertime when we start looking at some of our opponents to analyze some of these coordinators that have been in the league a little while and how we’re gonna attack them.”

Gleeson, who came to Stillwater from Princeton, said the Princeton staff came down for a spring practice, and the Princeton coaches left talking about how great Dickey’s drills were.

“I don’t know if it speaks to my affect on it, but I think anybody can get along with Charlie Dickey,” Gleeson said. “The guy is a salt of the earth O-line guy. Easy to work with. Humble. Hard-working. Great practice coach and technician.”

Solid Returning Core

Teven Jenkins, Johnny Wilson, Marcus Keyes, Dylan Galloway and Ry Schneider had 42 combined starts in 2018.

For a group that lost Arlington Hambright, Shane Richards, Larry Williams and Deionte Noel, that’s still some solid returning production. That’s not to say that the group of returners will all start against Oregon State, as many think a young gun will find a way into the first five.

The reason? Aggressiveness seems to be a more of a necessity under Dickey.  It’s something that even the older players on the line, like Wilson, a redshirt senior, are looking forward to improving upon heading into the fall.

“I want to work on some of the inside zone stuff,” Wilson said. “I want to be a little bit more meaner, move the guys out of there. I think Coach Dickey will help me get that done. I’m excited for the season.

Growing Depth

I mean that literally.

Comparing the spring roster to last seasons roster, Tyrese Williams went from 285 pounds to 300 pounds in his redshirt season, and Jacob Farrell went from 285 pounds to 308 in his.

Bryce Bray, who came in last season at 310, trimmed down to 300, and Hunter Anthony showed no change in weight, but he is still a massive 6-foot-7, 330 pounds.

The Cowboys are going to need a few from that group to do a job in 2019. As you can see in the picture above, Bray spent time with the more experienced group of offensive lineman in the Cowboys’ open practice.

This group represents a bit of a new wave in OSU linemen, a wave Josh Henson recruited to Stillwater after a down period. Now Dickey has the opportunity to mold the group to fit his vision for the future.

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