What’s up with Michael Harrison?

Written by Kyle Porter
Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

I talked about Michael Harrison briefly in my Monday Mailbag and had every reason to believe he would be back for the 2013 season.

However, Gina Mizell wrote a post yesterday in which she had this to say:

Oklahoma State recently released its 2013 spring football roster, a handy tool as I prep for practice to begin on Monday.

As I scanned each position while working on this daily series that will lead us up to that first workout, I noticed that Harrison wasn’t listed. I was told in December that the Cowboys expected him back in 2013 after serving his NCAA suspension for the 2012 season.

So I inquired about it. And now, it appears things have changed, as an OSU source told me Harrison is no longer expected to rejoin the team. The source stressed Harrison did not get in trouble, but that his commitment to the program was in question.

She’s right. A quick scan of the OSU spring roster and Harrison’s name isn’t on it.

But Brendon Morris seems convinced that Harrison will still play next year as he tweeted this out last night after Gina’s post:

I have no idea who’s right here and to be honest, I don’t know that anyone will know for sure until the fall.

Harrison’s case has been a strange one. Usually there’s information on what somebody did or why he’s no longer on the team. With Harrison though it’s just been that he “was suspended by the NCAA and not Gundy.” That’s all we have.

Clint Chelf could certainly use an extra target when OSU opens against Mississippi State but I don’t really think Michael Harrison is going to swing the Big 12 race.

  • Jheri Curl

    Just because he’s out to dinner w/ some other receivers doesn’t mean he’s back. I wouldn’t worry about it, if he’s there then great, if he’s not….then that’s his loss.

    • dooley

      yeah, I don’t get how that means he’s back

  • Doug

    We had a good and deep WR group at the end of last year. Anderson is out, but Moore is back. That’s already a net gain. Plus two of our top recruits are WRs, and there’s a chance of development from one or more of Curry, Seales, Carr, etc.

    I was always a fan of Harrison’s talent, but if there’s such a thing as too much depth, I think we’re already there, even without Harrison.

    • CowboyKS

      Moore, Moore, Stewart, Jackson, Hays, Webb, Seales, Curry, Sheperd, Gliddden, Carr… Hope he makes the team, but he simply won’t be missed if doesn’t make the rotation.

  • JeffB

    Apparently, B. Morris is a fairly weak in the logic department. Does it mean that if I go to dinner with the running backs I’m on the team too?

    • If Harrison is a wide receiver and he is seen with all the other receivers at a meal, which is something athletes often do as a team building exercise, and there’s talk about him rejoining the team, why is it not logical to think that would be a sign that the rumors would be closer to true than false? I’d say, JeffB, you have a lack of logic if you were to say “This is not a sign of him rejoining the team”.

      • Jheri Curl

        Is he at spring practices? I don’t think so….not to say that means he’s gone 100%. What we are saying is, just because an old teammate is out to eat or out on the town w/ a group of guys does not mean he’s rejoined it either. I think if he was out there practicing that would be a better indication. So now he’s NOT going to practice and get that more far behind where he was and he’s gonna come back in August and try to get some PT?

        This is the last thing we’ve heard on it: http://blog.newsok.com/osu/2013/03/05/wr-michael-harrison-who-was-expected-to-return-to-oklahoma-state-football-this-season-now-will-not-rejoin-team/

        • @natethiry

          My comment was more of a defense of Brendon Morris. The last HE heard at the time of that tweet was that there was a chance Harrison would be back on the team. I’m just saying his conclusion was anything but illogical, as JeffB claimed. But knowing what we know, I’d agree with your 1st comment 100% Jheri.