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Where Will Weeden Go



Ah yes, the portion of the blog posting season when we riff, project, and try to predict the things for which we have absolutely no ideas (because if Harry and Lloyd can’t figure it out…how are we supposed to?) Let’s countdown Brandon Weeden’s most likely NFL destinations in reverse order.

Where Will Weeden Go


22. Chargers – Not happening, though last time he was under center in a game (Troy in ’10), he pretty much did this.

21. Bengals – Not unless they’re trying to simultaneously collect all the ginger-headed QBs and Oklahoma State QBs in the NFL.

20. Giants – It’s difficult for me to live in a world where this has multiple Super Bowl rings, but with the 32nd and 63rd picks and one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL (not to mention the indomitable Ryan Perrileaux as a backup QB) the Giants won’t touch Weeden.

19. Texans – This is at least mildly intriguing, but after drafting TJ Yates in the 5th round last year and a “kind of maybe mini-QB-controversy” on their hands, they won’t want to throw another catalyst in the mix.

18. Lions – “Matt Stafford’s body” might be the new “Fred Taylor’s groin” but with three years left on his $78M contract, what’s the point in looking elsewhere?

And that’s kind of the point with Weeden, if you take him you either 1.) don’t have a viable #1 QB (see: Dolphins, Browns, Jags, etc.) 2.) your current QB has a year or two left on his contract and you weren’t planning on re-signing him (see: Buccaneers) or 3.) your quarterback has been concussed and may no longer consider himself a football player (see: Cardinals). Weeden’s age limits his options which, for his own sake, might actually be a good thing.

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