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Where Will Weeden Go



Ah yes, the portion of the blog posting season when we riff, project, and try to predict the things for which we have absolutely no ideas (because if Harry and Lloyd can’t figure it out…how are we supposed to?) Let’s countdown Brandon Weeden’s most likely NFL destinations in reverse order.

Where Will Weeden Go


17. Packers – They do have a pension for collecting QBs who can play, or at least give the appearance of being able to play. They aren’t averse to drafting a QB, especially late in the second round, but it’ll be somebody young and raw (like Osweiler), not WEeden.

16. Rams – At what point do they abandon the (guaranteed) $50M plan? I’m not a Bradford hater, and it won’t be this year (which is why they won’t take Weeden), but an 8-18 record and 58% completion rate isn’t cutting it in the STL.

15. 49ers – I actually called this in February back when small hands Smith was making flirtatious passes at the Dolphins. Honestly, if I’m the 9ers, I would have let him walk, used the $33M to sign another receiver, and drafted Weeden. But it’s obviously not me.

14. Bears – Jason Campbell is actually a pretty good backup to Mr. Cavallari and his massive right arm. I’d love to see Weeden here though, just feels like he’d fit in and be the winner Lovie’s been looking for the past eight years.

13. Bills – Hmmm. Ryan Fitzpatrick signs massive contract. Ryan Fitzpatrick’s season goes in the tank. Dan Brugler has Blackmon going to Buffalo. Flip Fitzy to the Cardinals or Dolphins and let Weeden have the reins? Stranger things…

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