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Which Big 12 team returns the most points?

OSU returns a lot of its skill position TDs, but not the highest percentage out of Big 12 teams.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

It’s an interesting question, isn’t it?

I got to thinking today about how many skill position players are returning for OSU this year. Basically they lost Joe Randle and the-corpse-of-Isaiah-Anderson-outside-of-the-Tech-game. And that’s it.

But surely there are also a lot of other Big 12 teams returning most of their scorers too (there are).

Let’s take a look at this table which shows how many rushing and receiving TDs were scored by each team in 2012 (sorry, kickers). Then what percentage of those TDs are returning (basically, which players are coming back). And finally, how many points per game each school returns.

(you can click the top of each column to sort).

[table id=109 /]

Some observations…

As a whole the Big 12 returns 58% of its skill position TDs next year. Or it loses 42%. So that’s a good baseline for you.

Kansas’ numbers are kind of deceiving. Jayhawk fans might look at this and say “yes, we return 96% of our points!” Other fans say “LOLZ, KU only returns 150 points, wait, KU only scored 156 points last year.”[1. To which KU fans just re-post this clip over and over and over and over…]

Two caveats I feel the need to mention because I know all of you will if I don’t. First, this doesn’t integrate at all with defensive effectiveness. It also doesn’t take into account new starters who might be more effective than the guy they’re replacing. It’s not supposed to. It’s just supposed to be an interesting look at who has what coming back.

TCU loses its two top scorers. That defense is going to need to be all-time for them to win the league.

OU only loses one of its 29 rushing TDs. Kansas loses 0 of its 19 but Kansas can’t pass[2. Of course I guess we don’t know if OU can now either.].

Poor West Virginia. They lose 42 of their 44 receiving TDs. But the Rams are going to be great, guys!

I noted here all 127 players who scored last year and whether or not they were coming back. I used spring 2013 rosters so I admit some might be transferring outside of my knowledge. Nobody that would affect the list that much though.

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