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Who is Mike Yurcich?



Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Who is Mike Yurcich?

The question we’ve all been asking since about 10 AM this morning.

I reached out to Duane Rankin who used to cover Edinboro (where Yurcich was before Shippensburg) football for Duane now works for the Montgomery Advertiser and was kind enough to answer my questions…

1. Why is this a good hire for OSU?

You’re looking at someone who has had a Division I offense all along, but has worked out the kinks of it on the Division II level. So he already has an idea of what works and what doesn’t.

Plus he was given the keys to the offense while at Edinboro and Shippensburg. So he’s used to be the one to answer why the offense didn’t work or did work.

2. What is Mike Yurcich’s personality like? Any eccentricities?

He’s pretty laid back, but he can get after it. Subtle, but  has a sense of humor. He’ll may be a little on guard to start just because he’s at a new level, but he’ll adjust to all that comes with being an OC at  Big 12 school.

3. One word to describe his offense?


4. Who are his coaching idols? Who does he model his offensive style after?

I’m not sure who his coaching idols are to be honest, but his offense is single back with multiple receivers. He coached two of the best Division I quarterbacks – Trevor Harris (Edinboro) and Zach Zulli (Shippensburg) – ever.

When he coached Harris, Harris had the freedom to run no huddle and call plays at the line. The offense was high paced, quick passes, but it had the ability to go downfield and utilize the running game.

5. Any funny/good stories?

Don’t remember too many stories, but he always laid back in his office. You would never even know he was in the office because you never heard him. You’d hear other assistants and the head coach, but not him.

So…just like Monken, right?

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