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Why is OSU’s defense getting a free pass?

OSU’s offense has been highly criticized, why not the defense?




You know who’s gotten a semi-free pass this year (maybe a discounted pass)? Glenn Spencer and his defense has.

We pile on Mike Yurcich because OSU’s offense is more stagnant than the Dead Sea — but what about that super athletic D?

You guys know I love propping up points per drive as the most important stat for each unit — Glenn Spencer does too, by the way — so let’s look at the numbers for each unit.

Points per value drive[1. Ball starts on offense’s side of midfield but reaches at least defense’s 30-yard line.]

OSU offense: 4.60 (89th)
OSU defense: 5.24 (86th)

Points per long drive[1. Ball starts inside offense’s own 20.]

OSU offense: 1.46 (58th)
OSU defense: 2.26 (104th)

Points per drive overall

OSU offense: 1.82 (87th)
OSU defense: 2.11 (71st)

So yeah, let’s chat.

We basically have the same level of offense and defense on value drives but our defense on long drives is far, far worse than our offense.

But…but…the defense is so much younger!

Total playing years accumulated by starters in the Kansas State game:

Offense: 27 years
Defense: 25 years


So yeah, maybe we shouldn’t be berating the offense for being awful (and it is) just because we’ve had so many great ones before it if we aren’t going to do the same with the defense.

Mike Yurcich is sitting there like “WTF, guys, are you seeing these numbers?”

And Travis Ford is sitting there like “YEAH, DO YOU SEE THESE NUMBERS?!

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