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Why Nick Starkel’s Fanny Pack Obsession is Important



One of the most important qualities in a quarterback is their ability to lead others. On the field, they are expected to lead the huddle and instill confidence in those around them. Off the field, work ethic and an ability to connect with others are qualities that will help a quarterback earn their keep with teammates.

Luckily, it appears OSU’s quarterback commit for 2016 has a little of both. But he isn’t leading in the same way that a normal quarterback does…. He’s leading others to join the fanny pack club.

He recently spoke with USA Today about how it all came about…

At the end of the school year, Starkel happened by the lost and found what USA Today described as “love at first sight.” He found a fanny pack – but not just any fanny pack. This was a digital camouflage fanny with a nylon web strap and buckle clips. State of the art technology.

After no one claimed the item from lost and found after the school year came to a close, Starkel was able to stake his claim on the prize.

Starkel repped his fanny pack and was also able to recruit Texas quarterback commit Shane Buechele and Texas Tech quarterback commit Jett Duffey into the fanny fray.

Check out Duffey rocking his neon green at the Elite 11 semifinals in Los Angeles.

“They’re convenient,” Starkel said about his camo fanny. “You know what it’s like to have everything in your pocket? I play 7-on-7 in this!”

At this point you may be thinking, “Good grief, Kyle. It’s just a fanny pack….” You may be right. But if Starkel is able to get others to buy into a trend that died thirty years ago, then his leadership abilities and outgoing personality will be a great match in Stillwater, where quarterbacks and their charisma help drive one of the more powerful offenses in the Big 12.

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