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Wrestling Recruiting Weekend on Tap for Pokes at the Walsh Jesuit Ironman



The Pokes are off this weekend, but some of the coaching staff will be making a recruiting trip up to the Walsh Jesuit Ironman in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. The Ironman is one of the toughest high school tournaments in the country and a great place for the staff to get a look at some of the upcoming recruits.

The Cowboys have already signed the senior recruiting class, but here are a few up and coming underclassmen they’ll likely be focused on this weekend.

AJ Ferrari — The 182 lb sophomore out of Allen, TX has to be high on the Cowboys priority list. Currently ranked 4th at 182 according to FLO, he is the 2nd seed at the Ironman. Ferrari will likely be the top overall recruit of the current sophomore class.

Obviously, the kid is a great talent that OSU would love to have, but OSU could be a pretty solid fit for Ferrari as well. He would have elite level practice partners with 2018 signee Travis Wittlake, and if he happens to grow a bit and wrestle at 197, 2019 commit and projected HWT Daniel Kerkvliet would make for a pretty solid guy to work with in the room as well.

He would also have coaches in Chris Perry, Tyler Caldwell, and Isaac Jordan that have had success around his weight class and maybe more important than anything is the geographical fit for Ferrari. OSU is by far the closest big time D1 wrestling program to Allen. So the ability for his family, friends, etc. to come watch him wrestle is better in Stillwater than anywhere else. Another thing of note is Ferrari also comes from a bit of a wrestling family. Getting him could potentially start a trend bringing along his brothers as well.

Zach Marcheselli – The junior from Broken Arrow, OK is the No. 3 seed at 195 and currently ranked 14th nationally at the weight class. He would slide in well at 197 for the Pokes. Preston Weigel currently is a junior, and Andrew Marsden a sophomore, so Marcheselli could come in as a redshirt behind Marsden then take over at 197. Or he could even start as a true freshman if Marsden stays down at 184. Marcheselli is also a very good football player and could potentially go that route.

Jesse Vasquez — A sophomore from Santiago, CA, Vasquez is probably not as square in the crosshairs of the coaching staff of the Cowboys as the other two, but he’s definitely one they’re taking a look at. Vasquez is the No. 4 seed at the Ironman and the 5th-ranked wrestler in the country at 132. Right now the Cowboys are pretty loaded up at the lower weights, but Vasquez could grow into the 149-165 range by college or even stay where he is and fit in pretty well with the Cowboys.

By the time he would get here Nick Piccinnini, Kaid Brock, Boo Lewallen, Geordan Martinez, and Joe Smith, all will have graduated, so there will be a few voids in this area even though right now OSU is about as deep as you could possibly get here. OSU’s done well with California guys. Pendleton, Guerrero, and Munoz were stars here and Vasquez could be another.

If OSU can pick up a few of these guys they’re looking at some pretty solid teams in the future. Oklahoma State is loaded up with a pretty young, talented team currently. There will be some gaps after next year when Jacobe Smith, Chandler Rogers, Weigel, and Derek White graduate though, and these guys can help to fill those voids.

If you consider what OSU has redshirting currently with Daton Fix and Kaden Gfeller, and what they have coming in next year with Wittlake, then Kerkvleit the following year, getting a guy like Ferrari would solidify a core group of stars that could make a run at a few team titles.

If you have an account you can stream the Ironman on Flowrestling


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