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Year of the QB Preview



How easy has my job been this year? Soccer and football are a combined 20-0, new uniforms for multiple teams, a seemingly infinite number of quotes from great personalities like #81, #3, and Mike Gundy. It feels like the plane is just on autopilot and I’m here to make sure nothing gets screwed up.

Okay, on to the real reason we’re here: to take a quick gander at some clips previewing tonight’s “year of the QB” starring Brandon Weeden. Here we go…

I can honestly say I’ve sat at my kitchen table in a Masters pullover with my wife and talked about grocery shopping and our schedules. I wasn’t quarterbacking the #6 college football team in the country at the time, but still.

Also I love this exchange:

Melanie: “our deal hasn’t worked out very well.”
Brandon: “what?”
Melanie: “I keep the house clean, you go to the store.”
Brandon: “oh, I know.”
Melanie: “when is that going to start”
Brandon: “whenever you want.”

Been there too…

Also, the paper handoff at the end is hilarious. I don’t know if it’s awkward or weird or staged (obviously?) but Weeden is like “welp, here I am on the front of the Oklahoman, okay cya later!”

I feel like this isn’t the first time Monken has said a curse word in film. What would ESPN have done if Holgorsen was still here for this? I mean that would have taken days to edit. “Uh yeah, we taped for 39 hours and have 3 minutes of material that won’t have the FCC all over us, thanks Dana.”

This group just kills me.

My favorite part..

Walsh: “hot”
Chelf: “toasted”
Walsh: “toasted”

One more after the jump

Love this from Gundy. I love the line “play with emotions and play to the crowd.”

I’m really looking forward to the full program tonight at 6 CST on ESPN.

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