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Yes, Oklahoma State just offered a scholarship to a 16-year-old

OSU is recruiting a tank to block for John Kolar in 2018.



Brey Walker crushing fools. (via Hudl)

Brey Walker crushing fools. (via Hudl)

Mike Gundy is hot on that 2018 recruiting trail already as he offered Southmoore freshman (not a typo) Brey Walker a scholarship this week to play offensive line at OSU.

Walker is 16 and is built like Kendrick Perkins’ younger brother.

His highlights are a hilarious amalgamation of poor Oklahoma high school kids just getting straight up run over by this dude who looks more like a man than most of his coaches probably do.

Here’s a look:

“He was already 6-3, 6-4 (in 6th grade),” his coach told the Oklahoman. We knew he would be a big-time prospect on size alone. You don’t find many guys that size who can move, bend and play like he does.

Dude wrestles, too, which sounds like a ton of fun for young kids growing up in the OKC metroplex. Here’s a look at that madness:

I’m normally not a big advocate of 9th graders making (or being offered) large life decisions but I think we can all agree this is not a normal 9th grader.

The weirdest part to think about? Even if he makes it to Stillwater eventually, he’ll never get to block for Mason Rudolph.

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