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You Love to See it: Isaac Likekele Working on 3-Point Shot With Cade Cunningham

Ice is working on a hole in his game.



Overanalyzing eight uncontested jump shots is some classic pandemic offseason fodder, so let’s do it.

A video came out Thursday of Oklahoma State guard Isaac Likekele hitting eight long-range 3-point shots. Cade Cunningham’s trainer, Ashton Bennings, posted the video that showed Cunningham and fellow OSU signee Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe driving the lane and kicking to Likekele, who would shoot uncontested jumpers on the receiving end.

Likekele was 8-for-8 in the video with only one cut where he repositioned from the corner to the wing.

This is a big deal because in his college career thus far, Likekele is just 9-for-39 (23%) from 3-point range, and he was just 3-for-14 (21%) from deep this past season.

It’s the most glaring hole in Likekele’s game, as he is a terror on the defensive end and a freight train when driving to the basket. He has already popped up as a second-round selection in some 2021 mock drafts, but his stock could take off with the development of a 3-point shot, something he has said he wants to work on.

“I need to be able to catch and shoot from 3 more consistently,” Likekele said in April. “Really just trusting and show that I can do it. But I’m going to always be me, though. I’m not gonna go out there and try to show every night that I can do this now. I’m going to go out there and be Isaac every night but just add different things to my game to help open up other situations for me on the floor.”

Likekele doesn’t need to turn into a 3-point specialist. He just needs to be able to keep defenders honest. The thought that Likekele can hit a 3 will force defenders to take  a step or two more toward him, opening up more opportunities for Likekele to get to the basket.

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