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10 (more) Thoughts on the Texas Game



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If you missed it last night, here were my frist ten thoughts from the OSU Texas game. Here are ten more to close the book on the first half of the regular season…

1. Sean McDonough could have torched every set from the Longhorn Network studios and it wouldn’t have been as funny as some of the comments he made towards the their fan base during the game. A sampling:

“This is always a surprisingly quiet crowd.”
“They’re booing more at the officials than they cheer for their own team.”

He took a shot at the quarterback situation too…

“[David Ash] still can’t throw one deep”

Hey, I’m not complaining because all of it’s true, I just can’t think the ESPN brass is all that excited about it, which again highlights what a joke it is that ESPN is supposed to be a journalistic and entertainment entity at the same time.

2. Can any of you understand how badly I wanted Justin Gilbert to run that kick back that was 9 yards deep into the end zone after Fozzy answered his previous kick return?

3. Quinn Sharp’s new yards per punt average is 48.38 which would break his own school record by 2 yards and the Big 12 record by 1 yard. Unfortunately, he’s .1 punts per game short of the requisite 3.6 to qualify per NCAA rules.

4. (bonus) Great text from Nolan at halftime: “Justin Gilbert stole David Wright’s orange undershirt and is wearing the OSU uni as well as anyone I’ve ever seen.”

5. I loved Mack Brown not calling a timeout on OSU’s third down at the end of the 4th quarter. Then when they didn’t get the first down him acting like he still cared by calling the timeout on fourth. Speaking of Mack, I would have liked to have heard what he said when Bryan Harsin lined up three offensive lineman in the left slot when Texas was in the red zone. I’m assuming it was Monken-like.

6. On the ESPN broadcast they showed the bat bridge with a sign that said, “Welcome to the world’s largest urban bat colony.” It was the most Austin sign I’ve ever seen.

7. Anthony Slater with some great work here on the OSU report card. Agree that it was, overall, a “B” performance. It’s kind of crazy that OSU takes its “B” game to Austin and wins comfortably.

8. Good to see Malcolm Brown continue the “every team has a player who has his career day against our football team or basketball team” streak alive. It’s at like 3,932 games now.

9. I noted it earlier but I liked that OSU didn’t play its best game and still won fairly handily. I like it because 1. it shows how deep and tough this team is and 2. it feels like next week could be an unleashing of the fury of a thousand Brandon Weeden yards.

10. I agree with Matt Millen (can’t believe I just typed that) that the officiating crew did a pretty fair job. There were missed calls, but they were missed on both sides. And I’m pretty sure they got both the punt/fumble disasters correct to the letter of the NCAA law. If you had issue, it should probably be more with the rule than the officials’ interpretation of it.

11. (bonus) How about Quinn Sharp almost catching Fozzy Whittaker? Dude can fly.

12. (bonus) I love Josh Stewart. That’s all.

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