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10 Thoughts On Stanford



1. First on Nash (since I know people love to talk about him) – He looks lost, yes, but I also appreciate that his body language didn’t scream “I don’t give a crap, it’s all about me” as I wrote that it did in high school. He’s four games into his college career so let’s not OU fan him quite yet. He showed flashes, like that driving layup to the left side with five minutes left in the game so let’s give him at least until conference play starts to find himself.

2. Cezar and Dowell can really create off the dribble but both are apt to pull up prematurely (especially Cezar) instead of dishing or finishing around the rim.

3. Speaking of Cezar’s pull up. I don’t know that I can take a full season of him doing his one-leg-out-as-he-fades-away black mamba impression. You’re a college scoring point guard, not an NBA all-star shooting guard. That’s not a high percentage shot.

4. Doris Burke was right – this team gets layups and threes…and that’s about it. They’re a complete zoo in their halfcourt offense. Which leads me to wonder why they don’t just go 40 minutes of hell and press the entire game. I mean that’s pretty much who they are, so why not let it ride, right?

5. Speaking of the half court offense…how many times has OSU turned it over at the top of the three point line in the last three years? 1,000? More?

6. I hope Fred Gulley isn’t out for a long time again with his injury tonight. He plays so hard and OSU could use the depth.

7. It felt like Stanford was a lot more athletic than they should have been, didn’t it? I mean the 47% from three is a little better than I expected but they had some monsters that OSU had no answer for defensively.

8. Does anybody else feel like Jeff Van Gundy didn’t even look at either roster before this game started?

9. Markel Brown is going to lead the nation in blocks for a guard and this team might lead the nation in blocks overall. So we got that going for us!

10. That dude for Stanford with the beard named Andrew Zimmerman was the most Andrew Zimmerman dude ever. He probably has like a 5.3 GPA at Stanford.

I agree with @okc_dave that we’ve been saying “they’re young, give them time!” for quite a while now and that it’s starting to get old. I trust the lack of intensity and apathy on the defensive end will be addressed either passive-aggressively or just aggressively by Travis Ford.

I’m intrigued to see how they respond against Virginia Tech.

Signing off for the night, you guys be safe traveling.

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