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10 Thoughts: Texas




OSU rolled over Texas on Saturday in its 10th win in 11 games and also the first time it has swept Texas since 2004. Markel Brown notched the 1000th point of his OSU career and stole the SportsCenter Top 10 show in the process.

My 10 thoughts…

1. The Kabongo/Smart bad blood subplot was fantastic. Smart hasn’t really had anyone all year who’s been in his dish like Kabongo and he responded like a champ after taking a couple of early body blows. 11 points, six boards, four steals, and three assists for Smart, who’s desperately clinging to his grip on the Big 12 POY trophy.

2. Speaking of Kabongo, how about Smart’s defense on him today? 1-6, seven turnovers, three points. And he came in with 24 and 31 in his last two games and having not scored fewer than 12 in any of the Big 12 games he’s played since he came back. Also, I loved this Fran Fraschilla quote about him: he plays every possession like it’s the one that’s going to get him into the NBA.

3. I thought OSU’s quick-fire entry passes to Cobbins in the lane off his high screens were awesome. It helps when your guys (Forte, Markel, etc.) are going good from deep because it really forces defenders to press out and leave the big fellas down low. Cobbins took advantage today with some nice back to the basket buckets and five rebounds.

4. I think it really benefits Le’Bryan to not be the focus of the team. I know this is just another statement in a long line of “I have no clue how to figure this dude out” statements but the evolution of Markel and Marcus in the lead and supporting actor roles have let LB do his own thing. And when he’s doing it, this team is scary.

5. Not to be “that guy” but Marcus Smart kind of turns the ball over a lot. I know it’s easy to overreact to a five-turnover game by him today but he only trailed Pierre Jackson by 11 turnovers for the Big 12 lead before the game started. I know he handles the ball a lot but…

6. I would say eight man (minus Gardner) but yes, this is true.

The entire arsenal was on display today. Again, I know Texas isn’t very good, but this team is loaded up for a fun little soiree deep into March.

7. OSU hasn’t swept Texas since 2004. Wow.

8. I feel like Brian Williams always seems surprised to receive passes. Like “oh, what, you’re passing to me? Then he steps up and nails 14-footers like he’s a poor man’s Glendon Alexander. Had a stretch in the second half where he scored nine in a row — if OSU has Forte, Cobbins, Nash, AND Williams going? Yikes.

9. This team is so locked in right now. When Texas had us doubled up early in the first half I was like “oh, whatever…no worries.” It’s been a while since I’ve had zero worries about an OSU basketball team in a moment like that.

Thw second half was an absolute clinic in putting a crappy team away at home. OSU went on a 25-6 run from 1:14 left in the first half to 11:46 in the second. And they did it every way possible — deep threes, Cobbins hook shots, jumpers…windmill breakaways.

10. Is Markel Brown athletic?

At Iowa State on Wednesday.

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