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A poll on QBs and who I think should start

OSU fans want Clint Chelf to start. I disagree.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Twitter is, if anything, a sounding board for fans and on Sunday I hesitantly posed the “who do OSU fans want to start at QB for the TCU homecoming game” question.

The results were incredible (especially the 1% ones):

148 total responses

Chelf — 50%
Walsh — 24%
Daxx — 10%
Both Chelf and Walsh — 7%
Neither Chelf nor Walsh — 3%
Weeden — 1%
Weedon — 1%
Lunt — 1%
Fire Yurcich — 1%
QB1 from the A league intramural champs — 1%
Marcus Smart — 1%

I died at the QB1 from A league intramural team response. Died.

Here’s the thing, Gundy has kind of painted himself into a corner with this. If Stewart doesn’t drop the Walsh bomb in the first half (which he shouldn’t have) you’re looking at somebody who just completed 65% of his passes for 320 yards, two TDs, and no picks.

Can you bench that guy?

And, as Amilian and OKC Dave pointed out, if you do bench him and Chelf comes in and plays poorly…then what?

My biggest issue with Walsh is that he makes OSU one-dimensional — anybody fired up about our running game right now? — and that dimension is not the one Walsh is really good at.

The solution is probably complex but it seems like the easiest thing is to go out against TCU and beyond and just go deep repeatedly — or at least throw those 25-yard over-the-middle seam passes.

The success of OSU’s offense is predicated upon being able to stretch the field out and subsequently run up the middle — that’s pretty much all they did with Weeden and Randle. They aren’t doing that right now. They aren’t even really attempting to do that right now…which doesn’t fall on Walsh (I wrote about that here).

Seriously, I know this sounds like message board talk, but go four verts on your first five plays against TCU. Walsh can throw it (I think…well, at least he did to Stewart on Saturday) and it’ll at least generate some respect from teams that only care about taking away OSU’s run game right now.

Also, get compliance on Weedon’s eligibility situation. I hear that guy is pretty good.

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