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An Apology



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We all went to bed on Friday night having just lived through one of the worst days (if not the worst day) in Oklahoma State athletics history.

Everyone kept pretty good perspective, I think. Weeden tweeted that it was just a game (which it was), Gundy acknowledged that nobody much cared about winning and losing (as they shouldn’t), and most everyone on Twitter and on the blog was focused on the right thing: pulling together as an O-State family and getting each other through another reprehensible era.

Well, everyone kept pretty good perspective that is, except for me. I sent off a not-so-innocent tweet about 30 minutes after the game (which I’ve since deleted) in response to @glang1’s tweet that OSU still has Bedlam, the Big 12 title, and a BCS bowl to play for. I responded with a “nobody cares”, which was a very emotional and incorrect thing to say. We got into it a little bit after that and it’s been on my mind ever since.

Let me explain where I was coming from…

1. We had just been through the toughest 24 hours in school history since 2001 and that 24 hours had just ended with a loss to a 27-point underdog on the road that wrecked the national title hopes we’d built up so loftily in our heads. So yeah, I probably didn’t care about OU or the Big 12 title at that point, but that doesn’t mean I needed to voice it.

2. I honestly don’t care about bowl games, even BCS ones. I do care about Big 12 titles, because those matter, but to play an exhibition game against a 9-3 Cincinnati squad in Glendale in January? No thanks. I mean it’s fine, and I’d be mildly excited to win one, but what are you playing for at that point? At least in March Madness, even if you lose in the Sweet Sixteeen, you can say ‘hey, it’s all right, we had our shot at the national title.’ But again, I’m probably in the minority here and that’s another set of posts for another time.

The point of all of this is that I shouldn’t have tweeted that. I sent out an apology on Twitter and sent Gavin a private message apologizing for using his words to make all of us look bad.

So now I’m telling you, my blog readers: my bad, I shouldn’t have done it, hopefully we can just move on as most of you were probably not even aware any of this happened, but I needed to get it off my chest anyway.

And if you really need proof that I care, you can sift through the 750+ posts I’ve written for this blog in the last nine months.

Actual football posts (and basketball) coming soon.

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