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An Orange Pride girl tells her story

The other side of the story.



An Orange Pride girl named Lindsay Fredenburg emailed me shortly after the Sports Illustrated story came out today. It’s pretty good.

I was an Orange Pride member from 2004-2006.  I was never once asked to have sex with a recruit. NONE of the girls I was on Orange Pride with were ever asked to have sex with a recruit or a player, for that matter.

We were absolutely put with specific recruits.  Orange Pride is composed of a group of young ladies with a variety of backgrounds. We are supposed to represent a cross-section of the Oklahoma State student body.  It only makes logical sense to put me with a recruit from Houston. I am from Houston. I can tell a kid from Houston what it is like to come from a big city to Stillwater, OK. I can tell parents what the flights are like.  I can tell parents what the drive is like. I CAN RELATE.

We didn’t have to pay money to be in Orange Pride. We raised money, and our donors were recognized in the media guide. This money was used to buy our uniforms and help pay for us to attend a select away game each year.

We were held to a very high standard. We knew that we were the face of Oklahoma State University to these people. Most of these kids and their parents had never been on our campus before, so we were their first impression.

I said on Monday, and will say again, it was one of my greatest privileges in life to attend Oklahoma State University and be a member of Orange Pride. I met some of my best friends, and met my husband through this organization.  It provided me so many opportunities, and allowed me to promote Oklahoma State, so for that I will eternally remain grateful.

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