Analyzing the AP Poll: No Top-5 Votes for OSU For The First Time

Written by Phillip Slavin

In the latest AP poll released on Sunday, Oklahoma State moved up in the rankings two spots to No. 9. It’s the Pokes’ highest position so far this season, and a more appropriate move than the one-spot drop they took the week before.

If you break down the votes for OSU, the biggest thing to notice is the number of voters ranking the Cowboys in the top-10 and which position the largest number of votes is focused.

Week Top-10 15-25 Highest% Highest Lowest
Pre-Season 24 37 No. 10, 11, 12 (10 votes) No. 2 No. 23
Week 1 36 25 No. 9 (14 votes) No. 3 No. 15
Week 2 40 21 No. 8 (13 votes) No. 6 No. 15

The number of voters who believe OSU is a top-10 team continues to rise. At this point only nine voters have the Cowboys outside the top-12. That’s down from 15 last week.

One note though, is that this was the first week that no voter putĀ OSU in the top-5.

In the preseason, OSU received one vote for No. 2 by Pat Dooley. After week one, Dooley dropped them to third, but Kirk Bohls added a No. 5 vote. This week though? Both have OSU at No. 6.

Dig a little deeper though, and it’s understandable. Neither voter necessarily moved OSU down, so much as they moved other teams up.

Dooley’s Top-5 are Bama, OU, Clemson, USC, and Penn State. Bohls has essentially the same Top-5 with USC and Clemson flip-flopped. Each team ahead of OSU has beaten someone of note: Bama over Florida State, OU over Ohio State, Clemson over Auburn, USC over Stanford, and Penn State over Pitt. We can debate the legitimacy of those teams all day, but they’re all better wins that what OSU has on their record so far.

If OSU can go into Pittsburgh and come away with no worse than a 19-point victory, similar to what Penn State did at home over the Panthers, I think OSU could rise up into the top 6.

That’s of course if Ross Dellenger and Sammy Batten stop ranking OSU 15th while they put teams like Washington, Georgia, and Florida State in the top 5.

  • Pokeinchief

    My underoos aren’t in a wad just yet. Drop a 21 point win @PITT, another at home against TCU, and a loss or two at the top, it will happen. Take care of business the next two weeks, and the stars will begin to align.

  • sean

    anyone planning to be at the game against Pitt and not seated with the OSU contingent in section 520? I am figuring out which seats to get.

    • Matt Belanger

      I’m on the 50 towards the front

      • sean

        on the visitor’s side? what section if you dont mind me asking. I am debating getting seats in sections 112-118.

        • Jason

          We’re sitting in 111.

          • sean

            awesome!! will look for tickets around there. did you get them through stubhub or through ticketmaster?

          • Jason

            Stubhub… Row C Seats 12-13

          • sean

            Thanks Jason! I couldnt get in your section. But I am nearby in Section 108 Row D 1,2. Hopefully there is a strong showing from Cowboy fans. Maybe we will see you. Go Pokes!!

        • Matt Belanger

          Section 110

          • sean

            Thanks! 110 was sold out by the time I got my lazy ass around to booking tickets. In Section 108 Row D 1,2.

  • Big Daddy

    Batten is a nut. FSU at #5 ? They didn’t show anything against ‘Bama that makes you think they are #5.

    If that’s his measure then in 2014 we should have risen to higher than #5 after the close opening loss to FSU.

  • David

    Only thing that matters is where we are ranked after 11/4