Gundy Ringtone Wars!

Written by Kyle Porter

Here’s Mike Gundy’s response to Justin Bieber’s ringtone shout out from this weekend.

I have no idea if this was planned but if it was then give Gundy props because it’s a pretty well-timed, appropriate reciprocation.

Can’t wait to see Bieber running routes in BPS for Weeden on College GameDay while Erin Andrews and Desmond Howard have on-air conniptions.

  • Q

    That is hilarious. You can tell he wants to start laughing right before it skips ahead to when someone asks him about it. It was obviously planned to have someone call/text him. That’s solid stuff.

  • Clint

    Justin Bieber wears Mike Gundy hair gel.

  • OSUpdt24

    That was AWESOME! hahaha I’ve been laughing my butt off at work this morning. Was it staged? Possibly, but who cares. That was hilarious.

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  • Nolo

    I still think it was a little immature of Gundy to respond. I mean who’s the kid here? Are you kidding me?

    • pistolsguy

      Haha well played Nolo, well played.

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