Another Oklahoma State Summer Hype Video? Yes, Please

Written by Kyle Cox

We are less than 50 days from the start of college football and our team should be pretty good! What is there not to be hyped about?

So sit back, forget about the secondary for a minute and sip on some orange Kool-Aid.

  • Travis Kibler

    I guess I’m getting old, but the music in these hype videos just keeps getting worse and worse each time.

    • guest

      The original version of that song is good even for this old dude, but that was a terrible remix.

    • Adam M.

      I like edgy music and that wasn’t great. There were much better options as far as EDM tunes are concerned for this video. Also, the studio guys might have played a part by implementing some (bad) track automation as well to ‘effectively’ bring some life to the video.

      • guest

        Pretty sure this is actually a cappella.

        • Adam M.

          Usually (always) a cappella is voices only. I’m pretty sure (100% sure) you’re statement is wrong.

          • AJ Branson

            It is 100% acapella… so maybe you were 99% sure lol

          • Adam M.

            I guess we can agree to disagree. The big parts of the track uses vocal-based synthesizers. I don’t consider that a cappella.

    • CaptainObvious

      Only thing that is getting old is your memory. This was the same garbage track that was on one of the earlier hype videos. Some two bit scrub with a new audio effects program. Music was garbage. And the DJ who produced it is garbage!

      • Travis Kibler

        Where are we at in society

      • Adam M.

        I’m a two bit scrub, but my music doesn’t sound that bad.

  • Trent Gallegos

    Great hype video, buy maybe the worst song/music I’ve heard in a long while.

  • Jacob Rowland

    Am I the only one that thinks having players that are no longer on the team in a video that is supposed to hype us for the coming year pretty dumb? Yeah this year is cool but we aren’t going to see Carson leap over anyone or bulldoze his way into the in zone so why show a clip of him instead of Hill?

    • TP

      Because it’s awesome, and That’s how it actually went down.

      • Jacob Rowland

        Yeah but that was last year. It’s supposed to be about this year. Just doesn’t make any sense to me. Last year was sweet but those players don’t effect this year. If I was watching a video about last year it would be different.

        • Glen W. Walker

          Drawing on our memories in order to invoke a sense of excitement for what is yet to come. What do you want, flashes of plays in the future? And yes, that song sucked. But I’m old too so I tend to watch hype videos on mute. GO POKES!!!

  • Mylin

    The person picking the music for these hype videos must do better.