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Barry Sanders rolled Bill Simmons on Twitter last night

I don’t know if Barry Sanders understands sarcasm.



Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 12.14.06 PM

Barry Sanders took something Bill Simmons said last night on Twitter a BIT too seriously, I think.

Simmons was watching the World Series of Poker and one of the guys who advanced to the final two was wearing a Calvin Johnson jersey (he’s actually a 23-year-old Michigan State alum).

So Simmons tweeted wondering if this was the greatest moment in Lions history, which was pretty hilarious.

This was also hilarious (considering how much the dude looked like Dirk):

Then Barry jumped in.

Wait, what?

Is he serious? Is that even him tweeting? If it is then we have a whole other set of issues at hand (referencing yourself in the third person in a tweet?!)

If it’s not then Barry needs to hire a new publicist/Twitterer.

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