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Bedlam Bullets (Dec. 1): OSU Runs Into Another Great OU QB



Sorry for a tardy Bedlam Bullets. Last night was a late one.

Bullets Rundown

• OU QB Power
• 1956 Bedlam
• What’s Gundy’s plan?


OU 34 | OSU 16

OSU Bullets

• Great take here from Bill Haisten.

It’s the curse that lingers for Mike Gundy. At the same time that he has good Oklahoma State teams, Oklahoma has great quarterbacks. [Tulsa World]

OU is better than it has ever been, which is very unfortunate. Of course, it has also beaten OSU with Blake Bell (twice) and Landry Jones.

• Tough read here from Berry Tramel, but it’s also good (and funny).

And speaking of 1956, that’s what this game was like. No Bedlam fireworks. No crazy scores. No abominable football, like they play in the Iron Bowl down in Alabama. This was old-fashioned, grind-it-out football. Maybe the kind the College Football Playoff committee likes. [NewsOK]

The CFP committee will move the goalposts based on however SEC teams are playing in any given moment (more below from James Mora Jr.).

• KB goes in on Gundy following Bedlam loss No. 13.

But it’s fair to question at this point whether this program will ever usurp the gold standard OU has set in this state. Save for a lightning-in-a-bottle 2011 season that was nothing short of magical, Gundy has beat Oklahoma once — and it came on the worst OU coaching decision of the century: re-kicking to Tyreek Freaking Hill. [PFB]

Unlike Kyle, I didn’t expect OSU to win this year. Like Kyle, I do wonder what the plan is for the future.

• Jenni Carlson on how OU shut down Chuba.

• Speaking of, Chuba didn’t sound like he was real fired up about a bowl game.

• Here are my 10 thoughts | And my notebook

• Sounds like Isaiah Jacobs will take his visits to Ole Miss and Maryland, too. ($)

Darrent Williams’ son honors his dad. Cool story via my pal Zach McGinty.

• That Gundy needs to chop the mullet is not a great take.

• This was from earlier in the week, but it still applies: OU has a newfound respect for Bedlam.

• OU’s gameplan: Don’t lose to Chu.

• This is so good. I don’t expect you to have watched every game, but at least, you know, prepare or read something.

• Also, this.

• Crootin SZN! Woz needs to do some work over the next few weeks.

• This is true.

• This is great.

• Not good!

• Sad news here.

• Cannot stop watching this.

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