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Boone: Bedlam Uniforms Rank No. 1 Among my Favorites from 2017



Someone told me we’re ranking the football uniforms from last season. I’m here to sling takes, and I’m not holding back with one of my all-time faves not only from last season, but maybe ever: All black everythang.

1. Bedlam | All Black

No question in my mind. Might be the single sleekest kit out of OSU’s bag. Black helmet, black jersey, black pants, with the brand streaking down the side of the helmet. Frame this one in the uniform Heisman HOF and make sure we’ve got a close-up of Swaggy T.


2. Camping World Bowl | White/Black/White

Love this look. White/black/white is a classic kit, and the Patriot Pete gives it a touch of throwback that easily makes this one No. 2 for me. Only adjustment I’d like to see is how these would look with orange socks. Let’s get weird.


3. Homecoming | White/Orange/White

Another classic with a nice twist. My pulse doesn’t raise when OSU runs out of the tunnel with the W/O/W look, but I’ll cede that it’s a traditional, clean look. And OSU’s move to go with a throwback lid was a not-too-over-the-top decision that capped one of the best uniforms from last season.

4. Pittsburgh | Black/White/Black

love the Ed Hardy helmet. Sue me! So naturally I was a big fan of the Ed Hardy Black helmet/white jersey/black pant look OSU sported at Pitt last season.

This look would probably rank higher on my list if not for the “Cowboys” streaking down the side of the leg. Not my favorite, but overall, no complaints Black on top and bottom is niiiice. And McCleskey did it service with visor swag and a towel.


5. Texas | Orange/White/Black

Again, not a huge fan of the black pants with “Cowboys” on the leg, but I liked this look because it was different. Jumbo Pete doesn’t really do it for me, but the tri-color look — combined with the orange outline of the black jersey number — is enough to earn the No. 5 ranking for me.


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