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Boone Pickens has Thanksgiving dinner with Clint Chelf

I have no idea what’s going on here.



In 200 years when the aliens ask what “the Internet” was, I hope somebody shows them this post.

Today the O’Colly front page was a strangely-photoshopped picture of Boone Pickens, Travis Ford, Clint Chelf, Mike Gundy, and the Hargis’ at a Thanksgiving dinner table.

Sound strange? It looked even stranger:

Photo Attribution: O'Colly

Photo Attribution: O’Colly

Boone saw it and tweeted Chelf, possibly trolling Gundy’s policy that Chelf can’t talk?

He also called him big boy which just mentioning feels like I’m burying the lede, but whatever.[1. He also threw in an errant apostrophe but he’s Boone so he likely owns the patent on apostrophes so that doesn’t much matter either.]

Then Chelf tweeted him back (likely from sorority row since it’s a Tuesday morning):

There’s just so much going on here, I don’t even know what to say. Really the photo is the most stunning thing to me. How bad is that Ann Hargis photoshop job?? And Chelf looks like he is (or should be) at the kids table.

Somehow Burns looks normal. Though this entire thing was anything but.

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