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Boynton Responds to NCAA’s Response following Appeal Denial

‘At no point did I threaten anyone nor encourage anyone to be threatened.’



[Devin Wilber/PFB]

STILLWATER — The response to a response to a response happened Friday night.

Following Oklahoma State’s 56-55 loss to Oakland on Friday night, OSU coach Mike Boynton addressed the NCAA’s response to OSU’s response to the Cowboys’ postseason ban being upheld.

The NCAA alluded, without specifically stating, that Boynton reading out the names of 16 NCAA officials led to said officials “receiving threatening and offensive messages after being identified by name.” The names of those officials were publicly available on the NCAA’s own releases regarding the case, something Boynton pointed out in his rebuttal.

“I do want to make one thing clear: at no point did I threaten anyone nor encourage anyone to be threatened,” Boynton said. “Nor did I out anybody. I read a statement from a publicly available document. My focus is on A. coaching better, making our team better and those 17 kids in that locker room whose names are also publicly available. I can read those again, but I’m sure you guys all know them.”

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