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Bullets: A short history of GIA

Wichita State is a better job than OSU, Markel compared to Tony Allen and OSU-Texas will be immense this weekend.




Hoops misc.

This on the history of GIA is excellent. Read it. (NewsOK)

Texas gets Shaka Smart. Man. (Yahoo)

Here are the best Travis Ford and Mike Holder quotes from earlier this week. (PFB)

Wichita State is a better basketball job than is Oklahoma State. Wichita State is a better basketball job than most jobs in the Big 12. Most jobs in the Pac-12. Most jobs in the SEC. Sounds nuts, but I don’t disagree. (NewsOK)


I’d like to do this if I have time: what play would you change in the Thunder’s history? (Daily Thunder)

I enjoyed this satire piece on Marcus Smart and Matt Bonner. (PFB)

The last 30 seconds of Warriors-Suns was nutty. (Deadspin)

Jawun Evans

I can’t take credit for this thought, but I agree with it. Last night, Amilian noted that Jawun Evans is probably going to end up with Shaka in Texas. (NewsOK)

Ford on Evans: “He is a true point guard that can change a game in a lot of different ways. Not just by scoring. If he’s got a couple guys around him that can shoot and get hot, it’d be nothing for him to get 10 assists. That’s just second nature.” (Tulsa World)

Football misc.

Brandon Sheperd says he’s “meaner” this year. Gundy said “I think he actually broke a bone in his finger blocking, which is a good thing.” (NewsOK)

Mike Gundy as the 24th-best coach in the country? I think he’s much higher. (CBS)

Really good roundup of Wednesday’s scrimmage here with a lot of detail. Rudolph could only laugh when he talked about Emmanuel Ogbah. (O’Colly)

Other sports

Hugh Freeze scared Fred Couples with a rubber snake. (CBS)

Six teams will join the Big 12 in wrestling. (O’Colly)

Baseball things

Great profile of Michael Freeman here. (O’Colly)

Big boy series with the Horns this weekend in Stillwater. Should be a lot of fun. (okstate)

College baseball has successfully juiced its baseball. (Deadspin)

Previewing Texas.

More stuff I’m reading

Not all of you will like this so just know that going in. My friend wrote recently on a theology of sports. (Village)

“Knee injury—severe—or concussion? I’d take the concussion. Absolutely, no-brainer.” Wow. (Deadspin)

“Organization is what you do to stuff that you need, want, or love — it’s not what you do to get useless stuff out of sight or to impart make believe meaning.” (99U)

This is one way to read books. (Kleon)

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