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Daily Bullets

Bullets: Anthony Hickey wants to meet LSU in the dance

Gundy says Rennie Childs needs to step up, Oregon has 0 players from 2013 and emojis for every NCAA Tournament team!




Here’s the PFB bracket challenge. Haven’t decided on a winning prize yet but let’s try to get to 500 participants (we had 450 last year).

NCAA Tournament

There’s not a single player still on Oregon’s team from that 2013 team. (NewsOK)

There are emojis for every team in the NCAA Tournament. WVU’s is amazing. (Yahoo)

The best team on every seed line. OSU is not one of them. (CBS)

Anthony Hickey: “Congratulations to (LSU), and I hope we meet them. I got some friends who were there when I was there, and they’re stepping up and playing well and I just wish them the best.” I do too! It would be for the national title. (NewsOK)

Kansas has the most absurd path of any of the top seeds. (Yahoo)

Here’s a rootability guide. Duke not high on it. (Sports on Earth)

Only one of my brethren at CBS has OSU getting out of the first round. (CBS)

Hoops misc.

Five schools in this year’s tournament — West Virginia, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, UC Irvine and Davidson — reported losses. West Virginia lost the most ($2.2 million), followed by Notre Dame ($2 million). (ESPN)

Ford on Forte: “He knows how important he is but the other guys have to do their roles better when it becomes crunch time. One of Phil’s main roles is to score points but we’ve got other guys who can step up.” I’ve yet to see that. (Big 12 Sports)

Ford on the Big 12 in the dance: “I don’t care what happens, we have the best league in America. Do we all hope we go far and do well? Sure, but I don’t think (our league) needs to just be judged on the next 2-3 weeks.” (Fox SW)

Good profile of Anthony Hickey. Probably nothing you haven’t heard or read about him before but worth a gander. (Scout)

On Markel Brown’s dunk against Mizzou (yeah, that one) from a few years ago: “Missouri’s Matt Pressey is still sitting on his therapist’s sofa somewhere trying to recover from the cruelty of that dunk.” Great piece on him here. (B/R)

Best bench celebrations.

Women’s dance

Cowgirls get a rematch with FGCU in the Women’s Tournament. (NewsOK)

Jim Littell: “I’m just excited to be in the tournament. Anytime that you can get to the NCAA Tournament, that’s what you work for in the offseason and during the summer. We got off to such a rocky start and I’m proud of our kids for hanging in there.” (okstate)

Football misc.

We’re T17 in the country in projected returning starters. No. 13 in the Big 12. (Phil Steele)

On Mike Gundy and the importance of momentum. (PFB)

Gundy: “We’re excited about what (Carson) brings to the table, but he is not here right now. Rennie has every opportunity now to say ‘I’m going to be the guy that gets it done.'” (ESPN)

Here’s a look at the newest cornerback OSU picked up. (PFB)

Other sports

Great recap of OSU’s baseball performance last week. (PFB)

NCAA Wrestling Championship preview (Part 1). (PFB)

These ProTracer compilations are the greatest.

New Big Cat commercial.

More stuff I’m reading

Interesting interview with Simmons at SXSW. (Re/Code)

What it’s like to be a Jeopardy clue writer. (AV Club)

I bought nothing new for a year. (ABC)

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