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Bullets: Boone and Gundy change Facebook relationship status

More women’s basketball players are transferring, baseball drops a series and QB1 talks.




Football misc.

I draw the line on frog-skin unis. (CBS)

Top coaches under 50. Boone’s boy is one of them. (ESPN)

Every time Blake Jarwin has seen Mason Rudolph, he’s been watching film. That seems good. (O’Colly)

Charlie Strong doesn’t know who his QB is. Yikes. (CBS)

Also, this happened.

Some good practice photos from last week. Rudolph looks monstrous. (okstate)

The five most important parts of spring practice. (CBS)

Here’s QB1.

Boone and Gundy change Facebook relationship status

A fourth development has no direct bearing on how the Cowboys play, but from a big-picture standpoint, the reconciliation of Gundy and donor T. Boone Pickens is tremendously significant for the football program and the university as a whole. (Tulsa W0rld)

Mike Gundy and Boone Pickens talked recently and there was “blood, guts and feathers.” I’ve only been casually observing all of this and I have to say it seems quite…odd. Though I’m glad they’ve kissed and made up. (NewsOK)

Like I have said, a win over rival Oklahoma cures more ills than I thought it still did. Seeing the Sooners go down is like a magic elixir. (Scout)

The ball coach.

Other sports

Wait, we lost a series? (PFB)

Cool post here on Chianti, Chelf and comics. (Tulsa World)

Wait, why are so many women’s basketball players transferring? (Tulsa World)

Masters coverage

10 things on Augusta (CBS)

18 things to know about Jordan Spieth’s historic win. (CBS)

More stuff I’m reading

Lou Holtz, gone. (Deadspin)

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