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Bullets: Chris Carson says ‘I don’t want to see my family struggle’

Recapping the ISU game, where do OSU’s DBs rank in the Big 12 and Ashton Lampkin gets another year of eligibility.




The disappointing ISU loss

Jeff Newberry sums it up well: “We could get what we wanted, we really just didn’t execute in the final minutes. We had to make plays at that time. And we didn’t.” (NewsOK)

My thoughts and notes on the loss. (PFB)

Travis Ford on the Jameel McKay rebounding machine: “We should have had guys in there. Mitchell Solomon has an excuse, he’s a freshman. There’s no excuses after that.” (NewsOK)

Wait, which option was Newberry at the end? (Scout)

Ford: “We didn’t get the critical stop down the stretch.” Yep. (O’Colly)

Poor Whetsell, these close games are going to debilitate him. Would somebody please blow somebody out of the gym. I can’t take this anymore. (CRFF)

Photos from last night. (Flickr)

John Klein: The NCAA Tournament wouldn’t appear to be in jeopardy. However, the Cowboys need to play better in the final four games to prove they really belong. (Tulsa World)

Here’s the postgame.

Basketball misc.

I loved the little tidbit from Mark Titus here on Kentucky and how the NCAA selection committee views them. (Grantland)

This is why people love KD. Great stuff here. (Daily Thunder)

Is OKC’s six-year run over? I don’t think it is. (Big Lead)

At least the women are winning again. (okstate)

Football misc.

Chris Carson: “I don’t want to see my family struggle.” Great read here. (Tulsa World)

Look at Burns Hargis leading the way in the Big 12’s concussion management. Also, this is good: The policy empowers the institution’s medical staff to have the autonomy and the unchallengeable authority to determine management and return to play (RTP) of any ill/injured student-athlete, and ensures that no coach serve as the primary supervisor for any medical provider, nor have hiring, retention and dismissal authority over that provider.. (Big 12 Sports)

James Castleman is training to run a fast 40 at his Pro Day: “If I had some of the sprinting mechanics, I might have gotten a little further (in the Cactus Bowl). Maybe even scored or something.” (NewsOK)

OSU’s defense *should* be very good next season: The Cowboys own the deepest cornerback group in the league, with four players boasting FBS starting experience. (ESPN)

Georgia going the way of OSU on the indoor practice facility, spending $30 mil. OSU spent about $20 million. (CBS)

Two more years for Ashton Lampkin.

Other sporting things

OSU has four games in four days against the other OSU, Washington State, Utah and Washington. Should be fun. (okstate)

More stuff I’m reading

If it doesn’t get scheduled, it will never get done. I’ve found this to be true. (99U)

A new Dr. Seuss book? That’s good. I’ve about worn out Fox in Socks. (Kottke)

Your 128 great-great-great-great-great-grandparents. (Kleon)

Writing requires observation. And observation almost always leads to intentionality. (Becoming Minimalist)

Becoming an expert in ping pong.

This is great.

This looks good.

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