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Daily Bullets

Bullets: Darrell Williams graduated from OSU over the weekend

Rickie Fowler won in style, Mike Gundy and his goats and why CFB should be careful not to become boxing.




Football misc.

Berry off the top rope (pun intended) on how college football should be wary of not becoming boxing. (NewsOK)

Five predictions for the Big 12 season. I think the ones about QBs and coaches are correct. (ESPN)

When a defense can field three good coverage players at a single time then a spread offense, which generally works by finding a favorable match-up to isolate in space and picking it like a scab, faces marginal decreases in efficiency that lead to punts or field goals rather than touchdowns. (Football Study Hall)

Good story on Nick Starkel here. He almost passed up an opportunity to get recruited by OSU last year. (NewsOK)

I died. For the rest of the nation Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy isn’t walking around with that huge smile because his goats are taking blue ribbons at the county fair. (Scout)

Real headline. (Yahoo)

One true champ?

But collectively? A disaster. Sort of like Congress. You don’t know what they’ll do, you just know that whatever they do will be wrong. I disagree with the premise that the Big 12 needs a title game, but that’s a good line. (NewsOK)

Everybody is really upset about the new Big 12 tiebreakers. (Tulsa World)

Fowler wins Players

Rickie Fowler shut down a thrilling Players Championship. (CBS)

My favorite part of the entire tournament came on one of the three pars Fowler made coming down the stretch. (PFB)

The outpouring of his fellow PGA Tour pros was pretty cool. (CBS)

Grading the tournament. (CBS)

The conquering hero.

Baseball went badly

The weekend series against WVU, uh, did not go well. (okstate)

Yeesh, I do not want ORU in our regional. (CRFF)

Other sports

Darrell Williams graduated over the weekend which is pretty freaking cool. (NewsOK)

OSU’s women’s tennis team is going to the Sweet 16. (okstate)

However, the wrestling community stood tall and successfully fought to get wrestling reinstated. The sports has since flourished, exemplified by the 2015 NCAA Wrestling Championships.

The Scottrade Center in St. Louis played host to a total of 113,013 attendees during the 2015 championships, the highest mark in tournament history. (O’Colly)

Simmons, gone

Why ESPN won’t pay Simmons $6 million a year. (Big Lead)

The nine biggest questions now that Simmons is leaving. (Awful Announcing)

He found out on Twitter? (Deadspin)

Here’s the most insider-y thins you’ll read about it. (Vanity Fair)

More stuff I’m reading

I kept a time budget last year for a while to see where my hours were going. This is pretty much the same concept. It’s helpful. (99U)

Handdrawn logos. (Kottke)

Finally watched the Jimmy Connors 30 for 30. Immense.

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