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Bullets: Ford admits ‘we’re not Kentucky’ but it’s fun to coach his squad

Les does more Les things, why Justice Hill committed and where do OSU’s WRs rank?




Basketball misc.

Travis Ford: “We’re not Kentucky. But, yeah. It’s fun to coach a group of guys who play that hard.” (NewsOK)

Rick Barnes has 600 wins?! But does he have even 60 more..? (AP)

This all-time tourney team thing is great. That 2005 team would absolutely beat the 2013 team even if it wasn’t as physically talented. (CRFF)

Anybody going to the Big 12 tournament? Always a blast. Tickets on sale here. (Big 12 Sports)

Cowgirls got a nice win over Texas last night in GIA. Still…disappointing season so far. (okstate)

The Daryl Morey-Charles Barkley “feud” is great. (Big Lead)

Th 1988 dunk contest (when dunk contests were good). (FTW)

Hilarious…the Steph Curry one is great.

Football misc.

Justin Blackmon apparently went to the bars too much in college. (PFB)

Does the NCAA or NFL have better title games? (Football Study Hall)

OSU with the third best WRs in the Big 12. Agree? I could make an argument for second, probably. (ESPN)

Here are a bunch of rules proposals for 2015. Nothing major though I think the “did the coach call a timeout” review rule is interesting. (Yahoo)

Berry Tramel on the new Big 12 rep for the CFP committee. Why do we care what Art Briles wants, by the way? If Gundy said “we want an Oklahoman,” why should that affect who gets selected? (NewsOK)

Why Justice Hill committed to OSU so early. (Tulsa World)

Lester gonna Lester. (Yahoo)

Baseball previews

Aaron Schnautz has been crushing preseason baseball stuff  this week. Here’s his look at former Cowboys currently in MLB. (PFB)

Josh Holliday: “If you’re an over-reactor and a yeller and a screamer, then how could you expect a player to maintain his poise with the game on the line?” (O’Colly)

[Runs through wall for Josh Holliday]. (O’Colly)

Here’s a good preview of the OSU-ASU series this weekend. Should be pretty awesome. (okstate)

Other sporting things

Defcon 1 for Big Cat, guys. (CBS)

I hope the crowd for Sunday’s duel with Penn State is solid. (okstate)

More stuff I’m reading

I finished this book last night. It was really good though, at times, difficult to understand. (Good Reads)

Why you should always sit at the bar. (Kottke)

To all the young journalists asking for advice. This is really good. (Fusion)

I loved this on different ways to write..


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