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Bullets: Glenn Spencer takes a stand for Mike Gundy

Larry Stephens’ bucket list, Ford on being 6-0, and Forte does a turkey impression.





Wouldn’t it be funny if Holder had to sue Gundy over what he owed OSU if he left for Florida a la Wickline? And by “funny” I mean the worst day ever. (NewsOK)

You’ll need this today. A Week 14 watch guide. (PFB)

Spencer on Gundy: “You know where his heart is. Everybody wants to fight their tail off for a guy like that, and that’s the way we all feel about him. We don’t want to disappoint him because he’s there for us all the time.” (NewsOK)

I had Texas to cover and win last night — I was very, very wrong. (Yahoo)

If the BCS was being used this year the rankings wouldn’t look any different. (NewsOK)

Yikes, an Ohio State walk-on football player is missing. (CBS)

I was watching this LSU-A&M game when the offsides happened. I thought it was a penalty. (Yahoo)

Chad Morris to SMU. Wow! (Big Lead)

I want to know more about this cajun fried turkey. (okstate)

Good stuff here from Whetsell on Thanksgiving and family and OSU. (CRFF)

A lot of the people who fly OSU flags from their yards or cars have middle-class incomes. These are the people who can’t relate to the petty reasons why there would be a feud between a billionaire (Pickens) and a millionaire (Gundy). (Tulsa World)

Three things on Larry Stephens’ bucket list: Drive a NASCAR stock car, go horseback riding and go scuba diving. (okstate)

The craziest high school game ever. (Deadspin)


I hate myself for being roped in by this year’s OSU basketball team but Anthony Hickey is doing it to me. (NewsOK)

OU-Wisconsin for the Atlantis trophy today. I’m intrigued. (CBS)

We should probably chill on this “the champs” stuff. They won two games — one against a bad team, one against a mediocre team… (Tumblr)

Ford: “It’s always good to be 6-0, but I don’t even look at it in those terms. I don’t allow myself to put any expectations on this team right now. The only expectation we have is to get better every day.” (Scout)

Here are my thoughts from Wednesday’s win over Tulsa. (PFB)

Forte on what the team usually does for Thanksgiving. The gobble he does at the end is incredible.

Other sports

OSU-Minnesota this weekend. I’m guessing John Smith didn’t let his guys too many pieces of pumpkin pie on Thursday. (okstate)

More stuff I’m reading

Robert Mays went to see 15 hours of Interstellar which is both insane and awesome. (Grantland)

This looks interesting.

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