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Bullets: Gundy says offensive line is source of offensive struggles

All of the power rankings, Daxx and his love affair with the deep ball, and is the defense playing too much?





Fascinating stuff here on what OSU is trying to accomplish on offense. (NewsOK)

Good post here from Whetsell on the problem with the offense and why Daxx is going to be okay. (CRFF)

With touchdown drives of 1:46, 1:49 and 1:27, Oklahoma State extended its streak of recording at least one touchdown drive of two minutes or less to 37 games. (Big 12 Sports)

Infographic on Saturday’s game from Michael Lane. These are always great. (PFB)

OSU ranked No. 4 in Berry Tramel’s Big 12 power rankings. I agree. (NewsOK)

Glenn Spencer with a new one: I think (the secondary) did a tremendous job with the discipline of their eyes.” Eye discipline! (NewsOK)

Hey, OSU is in the top 25 for the seventh straight season! (PFB)

This headline made me laugh. Good post, too. (CRFF)

With his big arm, Garman can make all the throws. But he needs to take what the defense gives him underneath occasionally, as opposed to chucking the ball downfield at every chance, which he seemed to do in the Cowboys’ 43-13 win over UTSA. Still, the upside of this Oklahoma State offense is intriguing with Garman’s uncanny ability to stretch the field. (ESPN)

Gundy thinks his defensive players are playing too many plays. (NewsOK)

I love Ubben’s weekly Big 12 best/worst. This week’s is especially good. (Fox SW)

Solid headline and photo from the Oklahoman on Sunday. (NewsOK)

Goodness I love Spurrier. (Big Lead)

Desmond Roland: “I feel like we didn’t have that leader on our side of the field. Once J-Dub got hurt, I think we all got a little down and upset about that. We didn’t have nobody to just bring the troops together.” (O’Colly)

Dana and his kicker, not a love story. (SB Nation)

No question on what the play of the game was.

OMG this throw.

Is Kevin Peterson the fastest talker in the state of Oklahoma?

Other sports

OSU finished 5th in golf over the weekend. (okstate)

I rarely see Fowler fist pump. This was great.

More stuff I’m reading

I read this on Twitter’s origins last week. It was good, not great. (Amazon)

What exactly is your most important thing? (Godin)

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