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Bullets: How recruiting is like Animal House

Mike Gundy dishes, Kansas gets (more) recruits and some good UFC news for a former Poke.




Football misc.

Mike Gundy gave some truly incredible quotes to the Tulsa World this week which I will revisit later today. (Tulsa World 1 | Tulsa World 2)

Ubben updates his Big 12 power rankings: If anyone keeps TCU and Baylor from turning the league race into a two-team contest, it’ll be OSU. (Fox SW)

Good stuff on how the evaluation process works, including this jewel: Think Animal House in rush, minus the throwing of fruits and vegetables. (Scout)

Hoops misc.

I’m so happy for Kansas that they’re FINALLY getting that missing piece of the puzzle they were looking for. (Yahoo)

Three Big 12 teams in the top 10. Yay! (Yahoo)

Not really a stretch here: …the Pokes will have to overachieve to reach the field of 68 in 2016. (ESPN Insider)

NBA stuff

This is the coolest. NBA teams with NFL helmets. (CBS)

I stayed up for most of Spurs-Clips. It was brutal to watch. Here’s one solution to the hack-a-DeAndre madness. (NewsOK)

The Rockets are looking for a new social media manager. (Big Lead)

And this…well…was brilliant.

Other sports

I don’t follow UFC but this seems to be big news for a former Cowboy. (Big Lead)

OSU is still in 6th at the Big 12 golf championship. (okstate)

Good stuff from Hunter.

More stuff I’m reading

You combine insecurity and ambition and you get an in ability to say no to things. (Kleon)

Antartica by drone. Insane. (Kottke)

I love this post more than most he’s written (and that’s saying something). How you can see a lot by just looking. (Godin)

This is awesome. (via John Saddington)

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