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Bullets: How the 2010-11 recruiting classes have made OSU bad in 2014

Dez signs with Jay-Z, Tiffany Bias interview, and Daxx doesn’t seem to be on the same page as his receivers.





Maybe I’m getting soft but I liked this post by Gunter Sharp about how it’s not any one person’s fault that OSU is lousy this season. Good stuff. (CRFF)

Why you shouldn’t want to be in Mike Yurcich’s shoes. (Tulsa World)

Dez signs with Jay-Z. We should have seen that coming from 300 miles away. (Fox SW)

On OSU-Texas: The game itself? Shapes up as a pillow fight on the meaningful scale. (NewsOK)

Even Glenn Spencer searching for motivation is motivating. (NewsOK)

This on the bad recruiting classes we’re seeing now is really good and interesting. The weirdest part to me is that in 2010-11 we should have been doing our best recruiting. All a coach had to do was get players to show up and watch Weeden and Blackmon in person. (NewsOK)

Here’s the list of hits and misses to accompany that piece. (NewsOK)

We know you love Texas, Lubbock. You don’t need to drape yourselves in her flag and make yourselves look silly to prove it. (Fox SW)

The OSU-Kansas State infographic is hideous. (PFB)

The Brandon Weeden Experiment did not go as planned on Sunday. (Fox SW)

Here’s Dez yelling at Weeden. (Big Lead)

Gundy said Tyreek didn’t play much in the second half because he was tired and they wanted to work other guys in. (NewsOK)

Good post here on Daxx and his receivers not being on the same page (and plenty of other stuff). (CRFF)

The former Browns CEO doesn’t understand how grammar works, takes a shot at Weeden regardless. (Fox SW)

I’m rooting for Kansas State or a five-way tie. A five-way tie would be tremendous and it’s plausible! (NewsOK)

The last time Oklahoma State gave up a kickoff return touchdown it came against the same opponent – Kansas State’s Tyler Lockett in 2012. (Big 12 Sports)

I was dying for Gundy to go full Gundy here. (PFB)

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – if you can’t block 5 step drops, do not run plays WITH 5 STEP DROPS. (CRFF)

Tyler Patmon might have been the best OSU player on the field for Dallas on Sunday. Who saw that coming. (NewsOK)

Bill Snyder is a Republican? Well I never…! (Yahoo)

How great is this?


This bucket by Lauren Hill was just all of the things. (CBS Sports)

I wrote this on Friday about OSU hoops. 10 questions I have about what should be an interesting season. (PFB)

I love this from Calipari. Dude is nothing if not innovative. (Yahoo)

A recruiting expert calls Jawun Evans “the fastest player in all of high school basketball.” (Scout)

Tiffany Bias interview.

Other sports

Cowgirls head to the Big 12 Tournament looking to add to their NCAA Tournament resume. Sounds like a modest showing would lock down a tourney bid. (O’Colly)

We’re the Bama of Cross Country. We might be the 1940s Army. (Big 12 Sports)

Three newbie wrestlers won titles at the Oklahoma City Open over the weekend. (okstate)

This one will be good (okay, they’re all good).

Pretty stoked to get a set of these.

More stuff I’m reading

Definitely buying this for $0.99 (if my wife hasn’t already) (Amazon)

The 10 greatest changes of the last 1,000 years. (Guardian)

I can’t believe Brian Phillips and I do the same thing for a living. A planet I’m not familiar with. (Grantland)

As you accumulate more evidence confirming your views, you’re less likely to question them, and less likely to change your mind. Cool post here. (NYT)

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