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Daily Bullets

Bullets: How Tyreek Hill built Josh Holliday a new stadium (maybe)

Pokes fail to move on in golf and baseball but hey, football is just around the corner.




Football misc.

The Big 12 distributed $252 million, which is $40 million more than last year. (NewsOK)

The SEC made about $455 million. (Yahoo)

Mayfield has dethroned Mike Gundy and Kliff Kingsbury. He has the championship belt right now. (ESPN)

DeMarco Murray-Joe Randle beef. Literally! (SB Nation)

Ole Miss football got rings for … I don’t know why? (Yahoo)

Ranking the Big 12 QBs by team. OSU is, predictably, second. (Scout)

New Baylor unis. I don’t hate them but they have better ones. (Yahoo)

Baseball, over

Max Gross wrote up baseball for us all weekend and his stuff was terrific. Here’s his piece on the St. John’s loss to end OSU’s season. (PFB)

Oklahoma State had no representatives on the 11-man all-tournament team. (Tulsa World)

How Tyreek Hill (maybe) built Josh Holliday a new stadium. (Tulsa World)

Some great quotes here from Josh Holliday regardless of the outcome. (NewsOK)

Gage Green: “I wasn’t expecting it to end. I still don’t think it’s set in yet. I’m sure when I see these guys off the field, I’ll start busting into some tears. But I still haven’t comprehended it yet. I’m going to miss putting on the uniform and playing for Josh. I’ll miss all these guys.” (NewsOK)

The last photo album of the season. (okstate)

This dude is a real, live college athlete. (Big Lead)

Hoops misc.

Fred Hoiberg is gone. My buddy Chris Williams wrote about what that feels like. (Cyclone Fanatic)

Travis Ford landed a transfer big man from Eastern Illinois. (NewsOK)

Golf things

Oklahoma State finished T19 at the NCAAs. Not good enough to move on to the final round. (Golf Stat)

I followed Jordan Spieth around for seven holes inside the ropes yesterday. Here’s what I saw. (CBS)

Other sports

Messi’s wild goal as called by 16 worldwide commentators. (Deadspin)

I’ve watched this GIF about 10x. It’s incredible. (Deadspin)

More stuff I’m reading

The bookstore built by the Wimpy Kid. (NYT)

Our attention spans aren’t actually dead! (Medium)

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