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Bullets: Lampkin wanted pick so Spencer wouldn’t be mad

OSU different at QB but probably fine, great photos, and video of Spencer’s postgame comments.




Todd Gurley is insane. (CBS Sports)

Oklahoma State has a new identity – and it is no longer on offense. Daxx Garman’s first start since 2009 was overshadowed by a dominant Oklahoma State defense as Glenn Spencer’s group once again stole the spotlight. (CRFF)

10 Thoughts on OSU and UTSA. (PFB)

Spencer: “We just won a great game. Turnovers weren’t there, but the kids just played a hell of a ball game. They got off the field so many times. They did great against the run. They played physical and had a lot of great tackles.” (Scout)

Hilarious from Ashton Lampkin: “It was pretty cool to end the game like that and celebrate with your teammates, to have at least one turnover for coach (Glenn) Spencer so he won’t be chewing us out.” (NewsOK)

Texas Tech got torched at home by a team that hasn’t won a game against a legit team in a loooooong time. (Yahoo)

17.6 percent conversion rate on third down for UTSA. Strong. (NewsOK)

Yurcich on Daxx: “We can help him out, I can help him out a lot by trying to keep it a little bit more simple for him. I think his mistakes were he was thinking too much, and that’s a direct reflection of my ability to make sure that we’re not making it too complex.” (O’Colly)

Great shot of the game here. (Tumblr)

Terrific line from Roland here: “I know in the fourth quarter they’re not going to want to tackle me. And that’s what happened in the fourth quarter. They were pretty much done in that fourth quarter.” (NewsOK)

Here is JW Walsh sitting on top of Boone Pickens Stadium. (PFB)

And while we can all agree that the Big 12’s top two teams are Oklahoma and Baylor, it’s still unclear who is the conference’s third-best team. It’s probably not Texas Tech or Texas. Is it Oklahoma State? TCU? (Yahoo)

I had a ton of  leftover notes on Saturday night, here they are along with some stuff from Twitter. (PFB)

Gundy says he wasn’t trying to mislead anyone regarding JW. (NewsOK)

All the action from Saturday night. That black-orange-black combo looks incredibly sharp. (Flickr)

But at a time when upheaval is once again the norm for the position — J.W. Walsh is hurt, Daxx Garman is in, Mason Rudolph is waiting — the Cowboys and their fans can take heart. The position looks to be in good shape. Ditto for the Cowboys. (NewsOK)

Robin Ventura on Garth Brooks: “His swing is slowing down a little bit, I can say that. He had fun, though.” (ESPN)

It looks like the Cowboys will try to live with being imprecise. It looks like OSU will live with an inability to consistently convert short-yardage situations. And it looks like Oklahoma State will live with the deep ball. (Tulsa World)

Texas really gave UCLA the ball to start each half. I didn’t dream it! (PFB)

Highlights from last night.

Spencer looking very boss-like.

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