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Bullets: Markel is still shutting arenas down with his dunks

OSU doesn’t have a 100-yard rusher this season (?), how does Baylor have the best defensive line in the country?





A look at OSU’s yards-per-carry history. (PFB)

Coach Mike Gundy keeps referring to the Cowboys’ lackluster running game, so at some point the offensive line will accept the challenge. Expect OSU to commit to the running game against an ISU defense that is allowing 226.75 rushing yards per game and 5.15 yards per carry. (ESPN)

Bob Stoops goes Roman Colosseum on us. (NewsOK)

This Virgina carbon fiber helmet is huge. I love it. (CBS Sports)

Down goes Oregon (sad fan)

This is satire, folks, and awesome. Kliff holding a dance-off at halftime at BPS. (PFB)

Ronald Jones is a monstrosity. Throw him in the mix with Freek and Childs next season? Wowza. (NewsOK)

Wait…I didn’t stay up…this is part of the reason Oregon lost?! (Yahoo)

Stunning: The Cowboys have not had anyone rush for more than 100 yards in a game this season. (Scout)

Baylor might have the best defensive line in the country, and if not they definitely have the best one in the Big 12. (CRFF)

Good mailbag from Ubbs. How does Baylor have the best defensive lineman in the Big 12? (Fox SW)

Yeah, I’m not in favor of him rushing ever. Of course I’m not in favor of him getting smoked in the pocket either and that continues to happen. (NewsOK)

I’m sure this is what Texas has been looking for.



No Le’Bryan Nash on the preseason All-Big 12 first team. (Big 12 Sports)

Deron Williams on a Markel dunk that shut down Nets practice: “Shut the practice down,.Shut it down. We have seen a couple [of his dunks in practice but] not like this. He had a 360 the other day on the break. [But today’s dunk] was over [Mason Plumlee], on Mase’s head. Get that on film?” (ESPN)

Here’s why Jawun Evans picked OSU. I’m sorry if you’re mad about me wondering why a good basketball player would attend a school that has finished better than 7th in its conference one time since 2005. One time! (PFB)

NBA Jam teams ranked! True story: in college Nolo used to beat me with Brad Lohaus and the mighty Bucks. (Deadspin)


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