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Bullets: Mike Gundy hires two new coaches

Travis Ford talks hoops, Ramon Richards self-deprecates and how well is Bob Stoops aging?





Hah, Berry sort of rolls the Thunder for “retiring” James Harden’s number. (NewsOK)

Might want to scrub that “no means no” chant from the end of the Rose Bowl, Ducks. (CBS)

Recruit says “Kentucky” in commitment video. Means “Kansas.” (CBS)

Here’s Travis Ford talking Tavarius Shine and Texas.


Man, Larry Reece’s cancer is in his throat. (NewsOK)

Grading the OSU football season. I might go C+ or B- overall given the expectations but no huge disagreements here. (ESPN)

Ramon Richards self-deprecation after watching James Castleman in the Cactus Bowl? Awesome. (NewsOK)

Our final uni roundtable of the season. (PFB)

So was Jason Ray fired or what? Also, we got the guy who Bo Pelini replaced at Youngstown. (NewsOK)

I guess he was fired…Ray was let go and sources told us that it wasn’t his fault but the offense is moving into a more versatile direction from using four and five wide receivers with more use out of the tight end position. (Scout)

Emmanuel Ogbah is coming back. (PFB)

How well is Bob Stoops aging? I’d say he and Gundy are better than most. (NewsOK)

Only Baylor’s Bryce Petty (92) and TCU’s Trevone Boykin (88.8) had better Adjusted QBRs than Rudolph’s 85.2 during the bowl season. Rudolph changed Oklahoma State’s destiny in three games; imagine what he could do in 2015. (ESPN)

Here’s what the field looks like for the title game. (CBS)

Oh they can, Urban, and they will. And it will be awesome. (Yahoo)

Stop, Adidas. Just stop. (CBS)

Here’s a really smart post on the spread vs. a pro style offense. Really interesting stuff. (Football Study Hall)

Bill Young gave up zero TDs in his lengthy stint at SMU. (NewsOK)

This should end well. (Deadspin)

The college football season in 140 seconds.

Other sports

No. 7 OSU takes on No. 1 Iowa in wrestling on Sunday. A by the numbers look. (okstate)

This is weird — Ty Hensley (who’s from Edmond) got beat up by a former Carolina Panthers player over “sports and signing bonuses.” (Big Lead)

Can you bet the unbeatable poker algorithm? (Deadspin)

Jim Furyk did the LeBron celebration with golf tees and it was incredible. (CBS)

More stuff I’m reading

Berry Tramel gets Oklahoma sportswriter of the year for the sixth time. (NewsOK)

I did a podcast with RJ Young where I talked about how I got started with the blog, my favorite sportswriters and a lot of other things. Here’s the link if you want to listen. (RJ Young)

Why your 9-to-5 is a competitive advantage. (99U)

The Atlantic started Atlantic Photo. (Atlantic)

This on how kids play really is fascinating. I’m not sure I buy it but it’s incredibly intriguing. (Kottke)

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