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Bullets: Mike Holder says there’s more to it than wins and losses

Josh Holliday’s players describe him as “bald,” Rennie Childs lost some weight and is Brandon Sheperd ready to break out?




Ford and Holder speak

Ford: “When you have people start doing things on Instagram to your 11-year-old, on his account and Twitter. I think that really crosses the line. Things like that, that’s unfortunate.” I’m pretty sure Ford doesn’t want to get into what his offspring are doing on Twitter. (NewsOK)

What exactly happened with Travis Ford this week? I have theories. (PFB)

Holder: “I think most of the fan base is focused on the wins and losses. They probably don’t share my same perspective. And I recognize that and I don’t begrudge on that perspective. I’m not saying they’re wrong. But as the athletic director, there’s more to it than that.” (Tulsa World)

Why doesn’t Mike Holder catch more heat for this mess? (PFB)

Holder on the contract: “People have kind of held that against Travis, when the focus should be on me. All he did was sign the contract. I’m the one who offered it to him, so I should be the one in the crosshairs, and I accept that I am.” (NewsOK)

I for one, support our athletic directors big swings. He’s absolutely going to strike out sometimes like he did with Ford. Other times, he gets Josh Holliday and Rob Walton and gets new Tennis, Soccer, Football, basketball facilities built. (CRFF)

Jawun Evans was asked about the situation recently. Of course, he faced some tumult this week when reports surfaced that OSU was considering a buyout of Travis Ford’s contract, but he shrugged his shoulders whenever asked about it and handled the situation with aplomb. (Scout)

Hoops misc.

3 inches from the greatest basketball story ever told is the best title for a story. (Indy Star)

Hope Shaka Smart doesn’t read this before he takes the Texas gig. (Oregon Live)

Kelly Oubre is entering the NBA Draft? Is he even good? (Yahoo)

Gregg Marshall got all the money from Wichita State. (Yahoo)

Football misc.

Brandon Sheperd: “After the Baylor game, I’m sure everybody was upset. I got on the bus, and Glenn Spencer looked me in the eyes and said, ‘We’re going to beat (the Sooners) next week. So get ready.’ I just took that and ran with it.” (Tulsa World)

Charlie Johnson and Josh Cooper were at practice on Wednesday. (okstate)

Good stuff on why Rennie Childs lost weight this offseason. (NewsOK)

Gundy’s thoughts on OSU’s first scrimmage.

I think we’ve talked about this before but yowza.

Ranking the Power Five coaches. Mike Gundy not between 26-66. (CBS)


One word to describe Josh Holliday is “bald”?

More stuff I’m reading

Bill Simmons was a case study at Northwestern recently. I enjoyed reading this. Thought it was pretty interesting. (Big Lead)


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