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Bullets: More on the Gundy-Boone relationship strain

Could Glenn Spencer head to the SEC, could OSU’s basketball team start 12-0, and Bedlam week, you guys. Bedlam week.




Happy Bedlam week, y’all.


You’d think this would be a beautiful friendship. Humphrey Bogart and Claude Rains, standing in the Casablanca mist. The most successful coach in Cowboy history and the man who bankrolled the operation. How could that go wrong? Great column from Berry on how Gundy’s charm is wearing off. (NewsOK)

OU is a 19.5-point favorite over OSU this weekend. OU fans are wondering how you score half a point. (Vegas Insider)

I wrote about what Thanksgiving was probably like at the Gundy household this year. (PFB)

Wonder if the same will be said about 2014 Bedlam as was said about 1992 Bedlam: It was a wonderfully entertaining game — proof that two average teams can play captivating football. (Tulsa World)

Gundy on his team: “They know it with the exposure of social networking and all the media coverage today. They know everything that’s going on.” (NewsOK)

Bo Pelini got fired via email. Yay, technology! (CBS)

Good stuff here from Mason Rudolph’s former high school teammates on his first start. (NewsOK)

OSU hasn’t been this big of an underdog since 2001, when the four-touchdown Cowboys won 16-13 and denied OU a chance to defend its 2000 national championship. And, just like in 2001, Oklahoma State will go to Norman with an inexperienced freshman quarterback. (Tulsa World)

I didn’t know Austin Hays and Trevor Knight were on the same high school team. (Tulsa World)

Mason Rudolph’s high school coach told me last week it’s hard to get him to protect himself. He loves contact and likes to lower his shoulder into defenders. (Fox SW)

All of this is stupid and I refuse to acknowledge it. (NewsOK)

Tweeted during the Iron Bowl…I agree.

OSU was really good in August. Then September happened. (NewsOK)

I’ll try to get into this more later on but I’m sort of glad OSU isn’t recovering any turnovers this season. (NewsOK)

You know who would do well as Auburn’s defensive coordinator…? (CBS)

Ditto A&M. (Yahoo)

Speaking of Auburn, this was my favorite part of the Iron Bowl. (Yahoo)

I’m sure Brennan Clay saying DeMarco Murray had an affair with his wife will end well. (Deadspin)

Baylor-Tech was all kinds of crazy at the end. I’ve flip-flopped about 100x on the Baylor-TCU debate. (Big 12 Sports)

I didn’t know OSU recruited Pat Mahomes. (Scout)

I like this look at the most and least unbreakable records. (NewsOK)


Of OSU’s 17 victories over OU, 5 came in a 10 year span (1924-33) and 5 more came in an eight year span (1995-2002…we see you, John Blake and Rashaun Woods). The bad news? That leaves only 7 other wins in 90 years. (CRFF)

So Hugh Freeze and Jim McElwain are the two leading candidates for Gainesville. (CBS)

An Ohio State walk-on apparently killed himself earlier this week. This is awful. (Yahoo)

Jonathan Foosball. (Big Lead)

Shots fired from Robert Allen! The negative vibes that originate from OSU fans and the media like columnist Berry Tramel of The Oklahoman and his negative column Sunday morning on Gundy being more divisive than uniting in his own program would take on a different and a decisive tenor if the Cowboys found a way this week to win Bedlam. (Scout)


Travis Ford: “Somebody asked me a bit ago, ‘Did I expect to be 6-0?’ With this team, I didn’t know what to expect.” (NewsOK)

This game-winner though. (Yahoo)

OSU men and women are a combined 11-1 so far this season. (ESPN)

Gerald Green went off the backboard in traffic yesterday. (Deadspin)

Other sports

OSU lost a close wrestling match to Minnesota on Saturday. (okstate)

Speaking of, here’s part 3 of our wrestling preview. (PFB)

Orange is the “next big thing”

More stuff I’m reading

Richard Scarry’s Busy Town in the 21st Centuryis pretty good. (Kottke)

The physics of productivity. This is intuitive but it’s still good. (TNW)

The man who made Tetris. (Motherboard)

The 17 books Obama and his kids bought on Saturday. All of the jokes, I’m sure. (Vox)

Cool article on being young and famous and rich and the implications it has for your family. (ESPN)

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