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Bullets: Oklahoma State-Maryland looms large on Sunday

Oliver Luck joins NCAA, was Bedlam Gundy’s biggest win and Mike Cobbins REALLY likes passing to Phil Forte.




Light day for me today. I’m playing the house course that Johnny built probably played a lot in College Station with one of my buddies so I’ll just have the Bullets and a couple of other things later this morning.


Not the Oklahoman’s fault here but let’s slow that roll, people. Can Mason Rudolph play a home game before we dub him a Heisman darkhorse? (NewsOK)

Good mailbag here from Ubben. Not sure if you guys noticed but Baylor is about to land a top five QB recruit. Also, Ubbs thinks Baker Mayfield will start for OU next year. (Fox SW)

Oliver Luck is joining the NCAA. Pretty interesting ramifications for the Big 12 (even if we don’t know what they are yet). (NewsOK)

Notes on Mike Gundy’s pre-bowl press conference. (PFB)

I believe this is called being “all in.” (CBS)

Your mid-year signees (more on this later). (okstate)

F/+ has UDub by 11 over Oklahoma State. (Football Study Hall)

Was this year’s Bedlam game the biggest win Gundy has ever had? (NewsOK)

Bo Pelini is crazy and Nebraska is not very happy about it. (CBS)

My man.

Why does everyone have cooler hype videos than us? (via CBS)


Agree with this and I’m excited about Sunday’s game: There’s still two weeks and change from the Jan. 3 conference opener against Kansas State, but we should learn a lot from the Cowboys’ game Sunday against No. 17 Maryland. (Tulsa World)

David Robinson is going to have a son playing football at Notre Dame and a son playing basketball at Duke? I just hope my kid learns to read someday. (CBS)

I can see this plain as day: With more than six minutes left in the first half, center Michael Cobbins stood at the top of the key, swung a pass through two defenders and hit a running Phil Forte for an easy reverse layup. Before Forte even hit the shot, Cobbins was high stepping back down the court. (O’Colly)


The Thunder starters, bolstered by the additions of Steven Adams and Andre Roberson, are demolishing teams this year. (Daily Thunder)

Bill Self: “You can follow the mock drafts, and they will have 120 players that are going to go in the first round this year.” (Big Lead)

The Spurs-Grizz game last night was so much HAM. (Big Lead)

I loved this.

Other sports

Part III of my reasons to be excited about golf in 2015. Rickie Fowler and his girlfriend are mentioned. (CBS)

If you played baseball at Oklahoma State you’re invited back for an alumni weekend in January. (okstate)

This trick shot video with a cancer-surviving kid is awesome. (CBS)

More stuff I’m reading

You can play Atari games online here. Don’t blame me if you get fired. (IGN)

“The Hobbit” movies are the only films with more minutes of film than book pages. (538)

Seth Godin did an end-of-year book roundup here. (Godin)

The best behavioral economics movies of 2014 (via Kottke). (Bloomberg)

Longform’s best of 2014 is another great way to get yourself fired. (Longform)

This girl isn’t as surprised as she should be?

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